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Evie McGregor went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

We Stone the Night

Mon 19 Jul
Report written by Laura Williams

It was a great-sized group that gathered to litter-pick and gravel-spread for our first Group Run of the year.

We met in the far corner of Vicky Park where we welcomed first time runners, ran through the health and safety bits, and enjoyed a couple of dynamic stretches.

Speeds for all

In two groups, we then sped off to The Hub to meet Mark and the team for tonight's activity. The Leisurely Pace Crew took it easy with me, with a nice slow jog via the most direct route, while those who meant business headed off for a mile-plus detour of the East of the park, with our running pro, Chris.

A couple more joined us at The Hub and before we knew it we were dispatched into two groups: the litter-pickers and the gravel-spreaders.

Two teams, two tasks

The litter-pickers headed out to all four corners of the park, enjoying the combination of a stroll with a lot of productivity (and great company), while the sturdy team of eight gravel-spreaders got a Monday workout-and-a-half, as they shovelled barrow full of barrow of gravel, wheeled it to the play area where a team of two proceeded to rake it over the swings.

That's a lot of contribution to your park tonight, team: helping distribute a surface to make the swings safer, and helping clear up after a big, big weekend in the park.

It was a lovely time together: warm, fun, appreciated...

More to come

It's the start of our new regular activity with the Parks team, who are keen to have us back asap, so... well done all.

The shout-outs

A special big shout-out this week to our first time runners, Aarani and Naike and to Chris who suggested the venue and activity for tonight, and for helping plan and lead.

Until next week!

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Evie McGregor signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Victoria Park: Run, Chat and Pick (and move gravel!)

Mon 19 Jul 18:45 pm
Victoria Park Royal East Gate, Grove Road, London, E9 7HJ
As Summer starts in earnest, we head to Victoria Park to join the team...

Join us for our first Group Run of 2021!

We're heading to the vast outdoor space of Victoria Park together, where the grateful Rangers team will task us with a 'litter hotspot' mission-and-a-half.

A new, small task has been added to the litter-pick: a group will be moving a large pile of gravel, and distributing it over the park...

Come and kickstart your fitness routine for the week, as we meet beforehand to run, or walk-and-jog, our way to the activity...

What you need to know

  • We'll be meeting inside the Royal Gate East entrance to the park, opposite The Royal Inn on the Park.

  • After hello's and need-to-knows, we'll divide into two groups to head to our task:

Those who want to walk/walk-and-jog will join Area Activator Laura, to enjoy a leisurely route across the park.

Those who would wish to enjoy a slightly longer run will join our Chris B for a more scenic route to the task.

  • We will be working with the Parks team on every aspect of health and safety, so rest assured all bases will be covered. We will also be bringing spare gloves, hand sanitiser and anything else we consider necessary!
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Evie McGregor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

I’m a tyrestarter, twisted tyrestarter

Sat 26 Sep
Report written by Laura Williams

12 of us were lucky enough to spend a good chunk of our Saturday with the wonderful Alex at Weavers Adventure Playground.

There are big plans afoot which have been delayed over the last few months, due to You Know What.

So it was great that a decent-sized team congregated in the playground to be briefed by Alex + Clipboard.

A team of five headed to the decking area to spend a whopping three hours drilling, un-screwing nails and lifting, well, decking to be carted off to the other side of the playground. It was a huge undertaking for Team Deck, namely Eva, Hilary, Claudia, Sarah and Nina.

Meanwhile, Team Tyre (Sree, Isabelle, Emma, Evie and Heather) wasted no time in relocating huge stacks of tyres from the corner of the playground to the football pitch.

And when they'd done that, Team Tyre, with new recuit, Si, proceeded to help dismantle furniture from the skip; drills nails from palets, and lug logs to the skip.

A pretty. good. workout.

It was a long session, along with a little rain, but it also flew by. There was bundles of laughter, and lots and lots of teamwork. WHAT an antidote.

A huge shout-out to everyone this week, but particularly Eva who: flew to the drilling task, stayed until the end, helping out on other tasks AND came up with this week's game-changing pun. As I enquired over the decking, "When are you coming back?"

And obviously Weavers Weekends are now officially a thing, and so back we go next Saturday for more fun and games.

Until then, take the greatest of care.

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Evie McGregor signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

The Big Saturday One: Dismantling furniture and clearing at Weavers Adventure Playground

Sat 26 Sep 11:00 am
Weavers Adventure Playground, Viaduct Street, London, E2 0BH
Our first visit to the playground of 2020! (And there's LOTS to do...)

Come and join task owner Alex and Area Activator Laura as we dismantle decking, cut bushes back, shift tyres and fill skips. It's a task paradise this Saturday, as we lend a hand at this popular local playground.

What you need to know

  • We'll be meeting at the playground at 11am for activity briefing.

  • You'll be dispatched to all areas of the playground to carry out a variety of different tasks.

  • Although the timings given are 11-2, you can come to as little or as much of the activity as you wish.

  • If you're new to GoodGym, this is the one for you! We always have plenty of new faces and first timers, and there'll be regulars on hand to show you the ropes and introduce you to other newcomers.

What you need to bring

  • Gloves

  • Face covering just in case you end up working in a confined space with others

The safety stuff

  • Laura and Alex have completed a full walk-through of the task, and completed a risk assessment. This covers everything from COVID protocol to dense areas of nettles.
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Evie McGregor has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Mon 14 Sep 2020

Evie completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Evie was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Evie McGregor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Ground control....

Mon 14 Sep
Report written by Becky

And so it was, on a balmy almost summer-like evening that we embarked on phase 2 of 'clear the canalside' at Meath Gardens!

After a brief intro from Laura including a run through of the muscle groups we might (ahem, definitely in my case!) have neglected during lockdown and which we could now take this excellent opportunity to exercise, and of covid safety precautions, we set to work.

Half of the group picked up where we had left off last week, clearing brambles from the side of the canal, and the other half scattering over the gardens to litter pick.

Treasures from this week's litter pick included a glittery child's headband, and some cupcake and Celebrations wrappers, as well as the usual array of water bottles, cans and KFC cartons!

Meanwhile, the other group made impressive headway cutting back all in their path as they gained ground against the brambles.

Alas, despite the warm temperatures, it is no longer summer and just before 8 both groups succumbed to the failing light, lamenting that next week may be the first we will need to bring headtorches again.... Shout out to Chris, who did remember his!

Next instalment: taking the ground up to the footbridge, with the help of ground lights - don't miss it!

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Evie McGregor signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Clearing brambles at Meath: Part 2

Mon 14 Sep 18:45 pm
Meath Gardens , 1 Smart Street, London , E2 0SN
Canalside bramble-clearing, litter-picking and chatting...Why WOULDN'T you sign-up?

Building on the great work begun last week, we have been invited back to clear more space in Meath Gardens, removing brambles, nettles and other foliage. A task where you can really see the difference, once done!

Depending on numbers there may well also be some wider gardening tasks, or litter picking across Meath Gardens as well.

Please do bring your gloves and if possible wear long trousers to protect against scratches


  • 6:45pm Meet and greet one another! Area Activator Laura will be on hand to welcome you all and talk you through how to use your gardening task as a workout! If you're new to GoodGym, even better! We welcome new faces every week, and there are plenty of regulars on hand to say hello and show you the ropes.

  • 7/7/10pm Disperse to separate areas of the large park to undertake all manner of gardening tasks.

  • 8/8.15pm Meet to tidy up, return tools, have a natter and say cheerio.

Rules, regs and your safety...

  • GoodGym activity falls into group activity which is exempt from the group-of-6 rule ('voluntary or charitable services, and organised indoor and outdoor sports, physical activity and exercise classes.')

  • However, you will be fully briefed before we start as to how to follow guidelines throughout the evening.

Hope to see you there!

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Evie McGregor has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Sat 11 Jan 2020

Evie is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Evie McGregor went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Journey to the Center of the TURF

Sat 11 Jan
Report written by Laura Williams

Another big crew...

A whopping 34 runners gathered in the Hollybush Estate's Rocky Garden this afternoon to help Michael and Margaret, probably our longest standing task owners, with some big winter tasks.

...for some heavy duty work

Having all met successfully eventually (postcode/Google satellites seemed to be a hit & miss combo) at the garden, Margaret proceeded to run through our 4 huge tasks:

  • One team was heading to neighbouring street to shift a vast amount of stone cobbles, forming the most impressive human chain
  • Another team was tasked with planting the big delivery of young tree whips, with a splinter task then digging over some neighbouring ground
  • Two teams headed to the back of the gardens to move compost, with another splinter task then shifting multiple bags of compost

An hour of heavy lifting, digging, running (for some), turning, carrying and planting later saw every last bit of work completed, and two absolutely delighted task owners.

Having expressed heartfelt thanks to our big team of runners, and a very appreciative thanks in particular to our many new runners, Margaret and Michael bid us farewell as we trundled off to neighbouring Middleton Green's basketball court where Chi had carefully laid out some cones in preparation for this afternoon's fitness session.

And an INTENSE fitness session...

The team brilliantly sped through an intense running, core, stretching and tough body weight-move session, finishing the watchful eye of Chi, for the second time this week. Way to go, crew.

What a vast, vast difference you made on a grey January afternoon. You just kickstarted 2020 and then some.

And we have some big thank you's for today's session...

  • Thank you to Chris, for stepping in so quickly and efficiently, to greet all runners, especially our new runners, and lead them around to Rocky Park.
  • Thanks to Chris and Si for leaving the fitness session, to help Michael complete the cobblestone task.
  • Thanks to Isabelle, Leo, Chi and Liz for some brilliant pics.
  • Thank you to Chi for co-hosting the fitness session.

And the biggest of thank you's to our wonderful, wonderful first time runners, Laura, Sohere, Charlotte, Sarah, Ailsa, Mia, Jeremy, Millie, Evie, Amy, Niamh, Keara, Rebecca, Krisztina, Sunny, Richard, Anna.

You achieved a staggering amount this afternoon, and the only question remaining to be asked is, when are you coming back?

We're running again on MONDAY!

Talking of which, we're back on Monday - yes,just 48 hours away, for a whopping THREE-TASK EVENING!

Followed by some more life-enhancing fitness in beautiful Meath Gardens, so I'd get yourself booked in now, if you want to start your week with a bang.

In the meantime, have a lovely, lovely weekend everyone.

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Evie McGregor signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Planting young tree whips & shifting cobblestones at Rocky Park on the Hollybush Estate

Sat 11 Jan 14:00 pm
Rocky Park (Hollybush Estate), 32 Ellsworth Street, London, E2 0AX
A Saturday session! Yep, weekend fitness fun, with some fabulous Spring gardening action...

Come and join in this booster January session as we lend a hand to one of our oldest, best loved tasks to get these little trees bedded in for the Spring.

We will also be getting a full body workout as we also help residents move a large pile of cobble stones!

This will be followed by a fitness session on our favourite basketball court on Middleton Green where we will tackle:

  • Your running fitness
  • The basics of core stability
  • Flexibility for busy people
  • Your 3 go-to body weight moves
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