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Mon 30th Jan at 6:00pm

Deliver hot meal to Mrs N

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Latoya Stephens
Emma Rapley
Emma Rapley (She/they/them) went on a community mission

Thu 26th Jan at 2:45pm

Going back to our youth

Westminster Report written by Ed Field (he/him)

The GoodGym Central Team were together in the same place and so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to sneak in a good deed. Joined by Emma, we converged on the St Andrews Youth Club in Westminster who lay claim to being the oldest youth club in the world.

The task required some serious muscle. The store room (well, garage) of the youth club had become extremely messy with bikes, christmas trees, shopping trolleys, and endless boxes strewn around the room. Our job was to take everything out, sort through it, and put it all back neat and tidy.

Kim, Dave, Ed, Ivo and Jack started the removal process with Nada, Emma, Anna, Theresa, Becky, Lil and Michelle all on sorting duty. There was a treasure trove of weird and wonderful things to pick through. Playmobil, old footballs, go kart batteries, paint, CDs (remember them?!?), tools, yoga mats, spray paints....and on and on and on.

After all the sorting it was time to bring it all back in, this time with one of my mum's favourite sayings in mind "a place for everything and everything in it's place". It was weirdly satisfying finding the right shelve or nook and cranny for each item and leaving the floor of the place completely free from clutter.

As we were getting ready to leave the club started filling up with kids from school and it was great to see them using the space. It's clearly a much loved club by the local community. After a few pics we were off again, with some of us walking and some of us running through the busy streets of London.

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Jimmy MitchinsonLatoya StephensSam LefevreHarvey GallagherEmma Rapley
Emma Rapley
Emma Rapley (She/they/them) went on a community mission

Thu 26th Jan at 10:00am

Pie’s the Limit: Supermarket Sweep

Southwark Report written by Emma Rapley (She/they/them)

I arrived at the Tesco Superstore in Surrey Quays to booming 90s pop hits and promptly waltzed around collecting, everything apart from the raspberry greek sensations yogurt on my list. Really lovely, friendly and helpful staff. Lots of volunteers were also happily busy, filling their trolleys and ticking items off their lists for Age UKxFood2You. Super satisfying. Would recommend this one, especially if you have 20mins to spare.

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Sam Lefevre
Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Fri 27th Jan at 8:16am

Thanks Emma for attending this community mission - it's always a fun one and you can get competitive with it (see how many trolleys you can do in a session and beat it the next time ;) )...