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Emma Hughes-McEwan went on a community mission
Community mission

The War of the Roses - Caerau edition

Wed 28 Jul
Report written by Nathan Swain

A new destination for GGC&V as a group headed out to St Timothy's Church, Caerau. After getting out of hand during the Covid lockdowns the group was there to help return the church garden back to its former glory, creating a pleasant, safe green space that can be enjoyed as a quiet space for the local community.

With little more than moments to catch their breath on arrival the group were handed shears, loppers, rakes and secateurs and set to work trimming down the front hedges and raking around the side of the church.

Nathan was left wondering what he'd done or said, as he was sent off on his own to the left while the rest of the group tackled the right, and chatted, and laughed and had a good catch up. He did however leave with a clear horticultural conscience avoiding the massacre of in bloom roses that was needed to level the hedge.

After an hour the group tucked into some well earned ice lollies and had a catch up about the return of group runs, drawing up a shortlist of suitable pubs for a start/finish location.

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Emma Hughes-McEwan signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Garden tidy up - St Timothy's

Wed 28 Jul 18:45 pm
St Timothy's Church, Heol Pennar, Cardiff, CF5 4NX
Tidying will give a boost to local residents and church users

St Timothy's church garden needs a tidy up after becoming overgrown during lockdown and has suffered at the hands of fly-tippers. Returning the church garden back to its former glory will create a pleasant, safe green space that can be enjoyed as a quiet space for the local community.

Tasks will include:

  1. Cutting back of hedgerows, snipping out any brambles that are intertwined.

  2. Sawing fallen branches so that they can be taken away from the site for disposal at recycling centre.

  3. Cutting back overgrown trees.

There may also be a painting task, dependent on attendees and progress made on the gardens.

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Emma Hughes-McEwan went on a group run
Group run


Tue 27 Jul
Report written by Michael

After a few hours of rain, the evening was slightly fresher than last week, and yet still quite warm. 9 goodgymers met again at Sport Wales National Centre, eager to get out there and do some good.

Tonight, we had our usual two groups, after bidding farewell to the walk / joggers first, Michael then led the runners off on an extra 500m run with some exercise sets thrown in.
We did wall squats sets followed by planks into side plank sets all with music playing to keep the mind focused. It was great to get back into, and we even have our next challenge from Michelle to see if we can beat a 3:30 min plank?

We were very happy to finally get into the building with Samye Foundation and help to get them back into order as they hope to open fully to the public again in August. Always prepared, Lorraine had a list ready to go upon our arrival and gave Michael a quick walk through and reminder of the rooms.

Today's tasks

  • Move 07 chairs out of the back room up to the first floor room
  • Move 07 chairs out of the back room into the mindfulness room
  • Move a semi circle table up to the first floor
  • Move a fold out bed / chair from downstairs up to the Peacock room
  • Move a (very large) plant and shelving unit over to a new corner in the Peacock room
  • Vacuum the hallway (quickly) as Lorraine had an online class to lead (but we had made a slight mess moving)
  • Plant up three pots with some new plants
  • Weed the back space

The word of the day seemed to be 'shifting' as this was the majority of tonight's task, it was a great workout to return to. As always there was a selection of snacks at the end of our task, and some water for the weary runners, so we stayed a little while chatting and refuelling as the run back wasn't too far.

It was a quick trip back, where we cooled down and stretched before talking about the community missions on the rest of the week and then headed over for a social for a few hours.

See you all Next Week

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Emma Hughes-McEwan signed up to a group run
Group run

SamyAY - our SECOND GROUP run

Tue 27 Jul 18:15 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
We finally get to help out inside the building so they can continue the great work they do with mindfulness

More information to come soon, but we will have a selection of tasks to help our with on this one as we were unable to go inside last time to help out due to restrictions not changing.

Please bring a face mask with you though incase you are in a smaller room.

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Emma Hughes-McEwan completed a training run • Evening Run
Tue 20 Jul
Emma Hughes-McEwan went on a group run
Group run

We travelled through the heat, to get to our Oasis

Tue 20 Jul
Report written by Michael

The long anticipated RETURN of the GROUP missions.

After 16 months of waiting patiently it was time to welcome back the groups, in one of our new outside locations at Sport Wales National Arena. With the Heat belting down, it was the shade for us, so Michael met 11 avid goodgymers ready to take on the challenge of making their way through the sweating streets of Cardiff.

Today was not a day for pre run games as we wanted to survive the run, so we split into our two groups the walk / joggers and the runners and made our way. As we ran, we surveyed the area ahead of us for any kind of shade as we meandered to our task through the streets radiating even more heat.

Is it much farther????? Oasis ahoy..

We arrived at our task, and what a joy it was to behold. There was a large shaded gazeebo with chairs, ready to rest our weary legs. A few of us had spent the weekend running at a race in Dorset - The Cider Frolic, so a quick rest was very much welcomed. Once the second group arrived it was time to get to work.......

Today's Task
Water the plants, at the base so as not to burn the leaves.
Cut back an overgrown Ivy, to gain access to the outside stairs.
Litter pick any rubbish also in the vegetation.
Chat to each and every one of the groups.
Enjoy the return of group tasks.
Decide if you are joining the group for a drink after the return trip.
Okay, so the last three were not really task related, but equally important on our first group back I feel.

Before we knew it, our time at Oasis was coming to an end, but just enough left to wander with our resident goodgymer Karolina who looks after the space in her spare time, and to hear about the work that had gone on plus the food they had already grown and used in the kitchens. And of course, ending with our Group Photo.

We mixed up the running pairs on the return trip and continued to talk about what we had been up to, any training that we were doing and how life was feeling for us at the moment. As BT would say.........'It's good to talk'.

With a quick stretch to cool down, we said our goodbyes to those not going to the pub and then made our way for even more chatting and catching up.

Until next week.....

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Emma Hughes-McEwan signed up to a group run
Group run

Welcome back GROUP runs - brought to you by OASIS

Tue 20 Jul 18:15 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
Tidying up the gardens and watering after this heatwave

Oasis is a great charity that offers a warm Welsh welcome to refugees and asylum seekers.
Last year we were able to complete a community mission there to help create a growing space,
now for our FIRST GROUP run in a very long time we will be returning to see how it has grown.

We will be watering, weeding and doing some general tidying up so that the space can be enjoyed.

Get signed up and join us in celebrating the glorious return of the GROUPS.

18:15 - 18:30 Meet and warm up
18:30 - 19:00 Active travel to task
19:00 - 19:30 Oasis Task
19:30 - 20:00 Actvie travel back

20:00 - Possible drinks?

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Emma Hughes-McEwan completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sat 17 Jul
Emma Hughes-McEwan completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 17 Jul
Emma Hughes-McEwan went on a community mission
Community mission

park run: the next generation

Sun 11 Jul
Report written by Michael

Probably the earliest mission yet since the changes last year, but nothing could be more worthwhile than seeing the return of junior parkrun.

Goodgym families, friends and faces of old all arrived ready for the briefing, it was so good to see everyone at an event that we used to love to be part of so much. Some slight changes to allow for more distancing, but the main course was the same. We were given our areas, cones, lanyards and of course the parkrun high viz.

Off we went to set up and get ready for the

Good Running

Keep going

You got this

Although a little strange with no High Fives.... We did not really have time to notice, those 'next generations' were flying around the course today.

Once done, we collected the equipment and returned to the briefing area for a quick photo before heading over for coffee and catch ups for a good half hour.

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