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Dr Savi Arora went on a group run
Group run

Litter bit of fitness

Mon 27 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

We had a last minute change of task today as our scheduled task owner had to sadly postpone for another date due to illness.

Our fall back whenever this happens is to do a litter pick, which soon will become challenging to do in the dark evenings however for today… it was the ‘right thing to do!’

Lights, camera, action

We started by doing the usual task brief followed by a few warm up games then a jog around the park from 4km post to 5km post.

This is where the action started! With agility and speed work ably captured on camera by myself! And just as the light started to fade we ran back to the 4km post to start our task.


Who says litter picking can’t be fun!

Pinching an idea from GoodGym Ealing we decided to see which team could cross off the most amount of items on the GoodGym litter pick card!

We had Team Doctor’s orders and Team Get up and run

I joined Team Doctor’s orders and I can tell you that there was a ‘duck and dive’ as they tried to find the winning items! Amazing what you can find when you ‘hit the floor’ and delve deep into the bushes… no ‘droopy drawers’ but plenty of booze!

Just the poo missing of this list (plus a newspaper, a coin and food peelings)… but we did find a toy car as our special item and a plank of MDF as put too big to bag item.?

Team Get up and run found the poo but we’re missing quite a few other items despite having ‘Queen Bee’ Jean in the team, they felt they had it harder as their area was just too clean! … ‘up to tricks’ me thinks but they did have a good ‘pick and mix’

And the winning tean was….Team Doctor’s order! Though we agreed we are all winners

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Dr Savi Arora signed up to a group run
Group run

Litter pick at Upton

Mon 27 Sep 18:15 pm
Upton Court Park , Upton Court road , Slough, SL3 7LU
Help the environment

Please note - change of task from Granville Park to Upton Court

Sadly, Vinay has had to postpone tonight’s task so we will meet at Upton Court Park for 6:15pm for a fitness session and litter pick. I have the litter pickers and bags, please bring gloves if you wish to.

Please also bring your running light if you have one

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Dr Savi Arora has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Mon 20 Sep 2021

Dr is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Dr Savi Arora went on a group run
Group run

Always allot to do…

Mon 20 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

Back into the root-ine

A lovely evening at the allotments. This task has been a firm favourite for a while, maybe due to the open space or the essence behind the task or maybe because we just like killing weeds!

We met at The King Wexham for the task brief, warm up and gentle run down to the allotments.

Great to have Simmi and Dr join us on their first GoodGym session tonight!

With Sandy joining us again after her little break it was great to run down the streets of Slough in the Red T's again in a larger group and back to our Monday night root-ine!

Matter of thyme

A short while later we were at the allotments and having the keys to lettuce selves in is so mulch easier these days.

So in a jiffy we had the tools out and were ready to turnover plots 1 and 2. We knew it would be a matter of thyme before the weeds came back! But the soil, albeit dry was relatively easy to turn over and made the task easier.

We hope that soon our lovely task owner will have some pre or post natal ladies to start sowing the seeds and helping the plants blossom.

Really? A Relay!

With proper attire this time by one member... naming no names! We decided to do a 100 meter relay as the first part of our fitness session.

To welcome our new participants we made them team leaders as Team A and Team B battled to win. I cant actually remember who won! Everyones a winner in my eyes (such a mum thing to say hahah!)

Put your best foot forward

As if the relay wasn't enough, we then did my round the world leg strengthening exercises! A few oo's and aah's means we were working those muscles... we then headed back up the road to our start point.

Thank you for coming along this evening! Next week we are meeting at Baylis Park for a task in Manor Park area.

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Dr Savi Arora signed up to a group run
Group run

Night at the allotments)

Mon 20 Sep 18:15 pm
Shaggy Calf Lane , Slough, SL2 5HS
Improve the environment

Another session at the allotments. Always plenty to do here as those weeds just keep growing!

This session is always a taxing one in terms of physical activity as we use a lot of full body strength to turn over the soil! We will be running or walking to the allotments as well to add in your cardio element to your fitness workout.

The meet up point will be top end of Shaggy Calf Lane, near Wexham Rd - Meet outside King Wexham pub.

Please do not park inside the pub car park as you will get a ticket

We will then run down Shaggy Calf Lane and then into Stoke Rd. The distance each way will be 1.5km.

The task will be to turn over the plots that we have already been maintaining for Seb and Sarah.

On route back we will do a mini fitness session.

Please bring your own gardening gloves

Reminder - not to share tools whilst doing the task.

There are no bag drop or toilet facilities available. So please come ready to run.

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