Well that escalated not so quickly

1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • Madhan
Saturday, 27th of May 2023

After finishing the indoor task, Madhan took a break at a coffee shop nearby and decided to make a phone call to Ms.F as it was mentioned in the mission description. The clock read 4:30, still half an hour before the actual mission time. Ms.F said she was preparing the list and will be ready on time. After finishing the coffee and walking around the park nearby, Madhan reached Ms. F's apartment and pressed the correct door no this time. Ms.F said the flat is on the 5th floor and asked him to use the lift if needed. Madhan went in and took a quick glance and decided to take the stairs and he couldn't find the lift.

Ms.F then carefully explained the grocery list. Madhan took photos of the items to make sure to buy the exact items as requested. They then agreed on what the substitutes were if some items were not present and other possible scenarios. He then collected the grocery list and loyalty cards and sprinted(walked) to the Waitrose which was only 5 minutes away. Ms.F suggested taking the lift when he comes back as the list had some heavy items.

Some of the items were easy to find and some made him go round and round around the bakery aisle. Everything was collected except the Fresh Battered Codfish as it was sold out. Before going back to the apartment, a short stop had to be made at Tesco as Ms.F specifically requested the butter to be bought from there. Okay, this time Madhan found the lift, but it was a very old model. Looks like the lift has been there for 100+ years. After pressing all the buttons, he then decided to take the stairs. By the time he reached Ms.F's house, he ran out of breath. He had to take a moment and helped Ms.F load the groceries into her fridge. After having two glasses of water, he decided to leave.


Apparently, the mission control, informed that Madhan was good with tech, so Ms.F asked if he could tune the radio system to a specific channel. Madhan who had no clue how to use that radio, went to youtube for help with no luck. After 5 minutes of pressing every button in the remote, they both decided to leave it there. Luckily he pressed a button and Ms.F exclaimed "That's it. Press the button again. It's there." And that's the story of how Madhan made it into the headlines of the IT world twice in the same day.

Report written by Madhan

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Saturday May 27th, 2023 23:16

You might not be a smooth lift operator but you shop like a pro! 😎

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