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1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • Madhan
Saturday, 27th of May 2023
Here's what Ms H of WC1X had to say about the mission:

Thank you akk for sending me round an IT helper with my computer on Saturday 27 May. Madhan was a great help.

Ms H of WC1X, mission beneficiary

So it was a warm day and Madhan just swallowed down the last piece of his wrap and wrapped up the wrapper in the tissues and looked for bins. As it was already 2 pm, he decided to carry it with him and planned to dispose it after the task and soon reached Ms.H's apartment.

When Ms.H, with cash in her hand, asked if Madhan accepts payment for his support today, he said yes .....

He then pressed the numbers in the small digital thingy in front of the apartment and waited for the door to be open. No response. So he tried again. No response. The third time's a charm but not here. He then noticed a button labeled 'manager', just when his finger was about to press that, he wanted to confirm the door no in the email. Of course, he got the door no wrong. Realizing his mistake, he punched in the correct numbers, and right after the first ring, he heard a kachak sound followed by a static noise and then disconnected. So he tried again, but this time, he got a response saying, the room is offline. Still no luck on another attempt. A few seconds later, he decided to ring again and if not he decided to make a phone call to Ms.H. Viola, the ring went in, no words were spoken, and the door was opened. So he went in and couldn't find the stairs, so decided to use the elevator. Ms.H's flat is on the 4th floor. As the lift came down, there was an old lady who said "Welcome Madhan". She sprinted down to welcome him. Madhan was moved by this. Ms.H was energetic and explained to him how she accidentally turned off the ringer and so on.

Madhan then put down his cap, and sunglasses and took put the wrapped-up tissues in his cap near the shoe stand. Ms.H swiftly pointed at the tissues and asked if it was supposed to be binned, and just before he replied, she quickly put them in the bin next to the stand.

Ms.H booted up the computer and went through her email and explained to him about the potential "hacker things" she was worried about. She wanted to know if the computer needs to be replaced as it was 6 years old. Madhan, after carefully evaluating, said that it won't be needed. Ms.H explained each and every email she received and how there was an issue with copy-paste not working in Outlook. She didn't like, how Hotmail became Outlook and Microsoft decided to auto-upgrade her OS to Windows 11. She had to relearn quite a lot of stuff about email. Madhan then showed her the magic of using Ctrl+V.

Why is paste Ctrl+V and not Ctrl+P? What's X to do with cut? - Ms.H

Ms.H knows about unsubscribing options in emails. So they unsubscribed a few newsletters and Madhan then showed her the process of bulk deleting emails via the search option. She wanted that to be written down in her notepad.

Ms. H then pointed at the printer and said it stopped printing. She likes to print a lot of stuff. The issue turned out to be a simple one to fix, the printer is out of paper and just needs to put the paper in the right spot, which Ms.H already knows. They then did a test print and it worked as expected. However the printer took about 10 seconds to print a paper which is normal given the model of the printer, said Madhan, the printer expert.

As the time ticked 3:30 pm, it was time to bid goodbyes. Ms.H was talking throughout the whole 90 minutes with a smile on her face. Guess what, they even had matching caps. Just when he was leaving, Ms.H, with cash in her hand, asked if Madhan accepts payment for his support today.

Madhan said yes, I'll accept but not money but only hugs as payment

After receiving a warm and tight hug, he then went to a coffee shop and decided to make a phone call. Who might he be calling?

Important Jargons

Though Madhan has experience using computers, he had to learn a few today to improve his knowledge.

Jargon Action
Doo dicky search bar
right doo dicky right click
Giggly bitty Giga byte
Great Britain GB
that thingy new tab

Note: Goodgym's mission policy of not accepting compensation/money and other policies were clearly explained by Madhan to Ms. H.

Report written by Madhan

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Saturday May 27th, 2023 22:25

Never assume that a mission will take 30 minutes. There are always complications 😢

Saturday May 27th, 2023 22:41

I had a wrap before going in, just in case, which turned out to be helpful 😅. But lessons learned.

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