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28 runners ran 3.0km to help the Nunsmoor Centre in Newcastle.

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  • Liz Bennett
  • Charlotte Proud
  • Hannah Pickard
  • Anji Andrews
  • Katy
  • Ross Dobson
  • Paul Andrews
  • Debbie English
  • Will
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  • Amy
  • Kate Aspray
  • Emma Davies
  • Nick Lavin
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  • Newcastle runner
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  • Clare Bristow
  • Imogen Cullen
Monday, 17th of June 2019
Led by Anji Andrews

This week GoodGym is running in partnership with the Great Get Together for the Jo Cox Foundation as we celebrate community and having more in common than divides us

We were so lucky tonight to have a visit from Ed who was in Newcastle for an area visit! Ed is a super-fantastic member of the GoodGym Central team where he is head of Group Run ops. Ed was the very first person I ever met from GoodGym and he attended our first Group Run back in April 2018, so it was brilliant to have him back. Ed actually gave me the job as GoodGym Newcastle Trainer so hopefully you didn't tell him off too much for that.

The group were treated first to a stack of stats about Paul 's epic Ultra on Saturday where he ran across the country in one day Carlisle to Newcastle (112KM!) with a little too much extra info. Check out his new GoodGym badges! oooo!

There were three big hellos tonight too as we welcomed Rosanna, Clare and Imogen to GoodGym for the very first time. Hope you had a brilliant first time with us, you fierce and fabulous trio!

We had TWO amazing milestones to celebrate as both Ross and Kate reached the big 5-0 good deeds. Hard to believe of all those good deeds, Ross chose his favourite as the Ikea furniture one that went on til after 9pm that time!! Check out the photos of Kate and Ross adorning the coveted cape both separately and together. Congratulations to you both.

The walking group departed then we had a great catch up about what happened at the Newcastle Parks community missions on Saturday and Sunday which were proper physical brilliant work outs for the magnificent seven that attended each day. Kudos to everyone, especially Emily, Paul, Andrew and Miranda who did the double! A quick rock-paper-scissors warm up and off we went, meeting Evan when we got there.

Nunsmoor Centre was organised brilliantly for our arrival and it was straight into the task tonight. Our task was to empty their toy cupboard, organise and clean the toys then pop them all back in with minimal time playing with anything. Some playing did take place as you can see by the photos, so we can't deny that. Nunsmoor Centre is accessed by families in the area for loads of brilliant clubs, activities and classes so it's always good to lend a hand. The cupboard was swiftly cleaned out (including Aimee and Charlotte showcasing some tiny play cleaning items - look at the teeny brushes in the photos!) and filled back up. Job done in just 30 minutes.

Smashed it.

It was a landslide for those who voted to do a cardio session by playing in the park for this evening's Fitness session, with just three voting for the alternative option of circuits in the hall. Everyone piled out and climbed up and over the awaiting swings and climbing frames and I stood back and admired well-behaved fun (except Abi briefly grabbing Nick "accidentally" around the neck.. young love, eh?) like a proud parent of a bunch of oversized children. As always, the social group headed straight off to the weekly social afterwards which tonight found its way to The Free Trade Inn. There's a social every week after the Group Run, so don't forget to ask about it if you fancy drinks next week!

We'd love it if you could help to continue our Great Get Together Celebrations on Saturday where Ross will be leading a Community Mission in Felling Park to help out at their garden party. You can sign up for that here.

There's also a new afternoon mission next Tuesday for you to get in your diary.

We will be back next Monday at Hotel Indigo ready to tackle our Monthly visit to Changing Lives so I will see you then!

Have a great week knowing you started it with good things.

Anji x

Report written by Anji Andrews

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Anji Andrews
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