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Area Activator at GoodGym Newcastle. Coach, runner, wife. I wrote a book once and I talk about that quite a lot.


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Empty and clean the stables at Stepney Bank or painting
đź—“Tuesday 4th October 6:00pm

đź“ŤThe Cycle Hub NE6 1BU

Suitable for all levels of fitness

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Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews signed up to a group run.

Mon 17th Oct at 6:15pm

Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews signed up to a group run.

Mon 24th Oct at 6:15pm

Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews signed up to a group run.

Mon 10th Oct at 6:15pm

The new launch litter pick and social

Beginners, newcomers and old friends welcome as we celebrate a new GoodGym Newcastle base

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Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews went on a group run

Mon 26th Sep at 6:00pm

P’aint no roller long enough

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews

The rain was SO BAD on the way to the task at Stepney Bank Stables tonight that I genuinely wondered a) if anyone would come and b) how on earth we'd be able to paint outdoors!

I need not have worried as a super seven assembled ready for whatever the night would bring: Tanya, Deb and Aimee running, Paul and myself walking, and Rae and newcomer Sev meeting at the task.

We were met by Sara who some will know from previous tasks at Recyke Y Bike. She is still as brilliantly organised, and along with task owner Paula a new task had been quickly arranged in light of the monsoon in toon- painting in the upstairs (dry, warm) party room. After a quick opportunity to pat the horses we got stuck in. Dust sheets down, tins opened and brushes brandished and we got started. I want to give Severine a big cheer for getting totally stuck in on her first task- kudos for some epic effort.

We managed to get one big wall and two radiators done despite some short rollers (and GoodGymers) and minimal mess was caused. The plan is to finish this off when we can in our next three visits to Stepney Bank so be prepared for plans to change.

We finished tonight off with an epic hill session up Stepney Bank- the perfect way to run off those paint fumes!

We are back on TUESDAY next week so come and get involved if you can.

Neigh bother.

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Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews went on a community mission

Sat 24th Sep at 10:00am

Whole lopp’a love

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews

After a very wet start for the first time in ages we all arrived late and soggy to Saturday's Urban Green session at Hodgkin Park but raring to go nonetheless.

The plan had been to paint the decorative gates but with rain stopping play we got stuck into some lopping and weeding around the entrance steps - check out ranger Maddie's before and after pics, they are epic!

With clear steps in no time we took a quick tea break and discussed the merit of the humble digestive biscuit before crossing over to the other side of the huge park. A huge amount of money was invested into this park a number of years ago including for the creation of a fenced (and gated?!) flower bed which has drastically overgrown. Armed with loppers and a determined hand we set off cutting that back too. My arms were pretty much done by this point!

A GoodGymer's work is never done and on the way out of the park Maddie spotted some more extremely overgrown plants that were muscling their prickly way into the seating area overlooking the park, so we gave that a good chop before we left too.

Overall a big impact made and some aching muscles created. Perfect!

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Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews signed up to a group run.

Tue 4th Oct at 6:00pm

Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews signed up to a group run.

Mon 26th Sep at 6:00pm

Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews went on a community mission

Mon 12th Sep at 6:30pm

The Heat is on!

Newcastle Report written by Charlotte Proud

We had a lovely evening for tonight's Community Mission. We were delivering GoodGym leaflets in Heaton to raise awareness of GoodGym Newcastle. Hopefully we will be able to attract new members and let more people know about the amazing work that we do.

Myself and Anji met in Morrison's car park, and walked up to our meeting place on Heaton Park Road. We were joined by Michael, Aimee and Rae (kudos to Rae for running)

Thankfully the weather had improved and the houses were easy to deliver to with no chance of losing each other! This meant that we manages to deliver an amazing 200 leaflets in about half an hour.

A member of the public kindly stopped to take our group photo which was great.

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Olivia WallerAimeeCharlotte Proud
Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews signed up to a community mission.

Mon 12th Sep at 6:30pm

GoodGym Newcastle Leaflet Drop Part 1

Help us spread the word about GoodGym Newcastle!

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Anji Andrews
Anji Andrews went on a community mission

Tue 30th Aug at 6:30pm

Nail’d it

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews

Celebrity encounter alert

What a glorious night to be back for my first GoodGym good deed in eight weeks as we cleared Exhibition Park, Brandling Park and some of the Town Moor of litter!

While its noticeably starting to feel cooler, it was a lovely evening and I met Charlotte on the way into the park where Liz was waiting with a smile. Louise soon arrived having run there with the litter pickers, before Aimee and Lucy made their way in too. Thankfully Charlotte had remembered bags as the rest of us had thought about doing so and not acted on it.

While marvelling over (and patting) a few cute dogs in the park, we set about clearing the underpass of litter before Liz was approached by a very famous face who asked her all about GoodGym. I glanced across and thought how much he looked like Jimmy Nail. As he left Liz confirmed that was because it was in fact Jimmy Nail! How brilliant is that?! Liz did a very good sales job and I will hold out some hope that he will be back (with the cutest dog of the night) for a session in the future.

In all we collected four big bags of rubbish with Louise finding the best haul- two shopping bags surely left as evidence of someone dashing off on a date! It was great to catch up with everyone and end August on a high note.

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Charlotte Proud