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Aimee (she/her) went on a group run

Mon 5th Jun at 6:15pm

Flight Club

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

Can we start with a huge round of applause for Emma on her first ever GoodGym good deed? We loved meeting you Emma and hope to see you again soon!

On a lovely evening we met to help our friends at Recyke Y Bike to spread the word about a bike book swap event they have got coming up across Newcastle in over the summer. Recyke has been with us from the start of GGNCL and we love to help with whatever we can.

After a quick catch up on good deeds past and still to come, I had an English Lit/history lesson from Louise as I learned firstly who Bolingbroke was and why there is a street named after them in Heaton. This was the first strange moment of the night.

In an all-time first, Charlotte navigated us perfectly (I am even worse than she ever is so she won't mind this) a quick way to Heaton to get started. Louise and Aimee ran ahead while Charlotte, Emma and I walked to the start point. We made quick work of distributing 249 leaflets and it was soon time to meet at our meeting point.

Little did we know Aimee and Louise were taking part in their second good deed of the night as they checked up on an injured bird and contacted the RSPCA for help. Safe it was taken care of, they made their way back to us (Aimee still on live chat with the RSPCA!) ready for the fitness session.

The fitness session tonight included as much laughter as it did physical activity as we played a paired game which passers-by said looked like fight club (!) as well as sets of side steps and star jumps.

Upon returning to the stables, not content with two good deeds, Louise and Aimee then helped a resident locked out of the flats next door to get in touch with the housing association to get him back in.

A GoodGymer's goodness is never done! Well done everyone on a brilliant night.

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Anji AndrewsCharlotte Proud
Aimee (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Mon 5th Jun at 6:15pm

Charlotte Proud
Aimee (she/her) went on a community mission

Wed 31st May at 6:15pm

Any leaflets left?

Newcastle Report written by Newcastle runner

It wouldn't be a Goodgym mission without Michael's running commentary about life. This was much appreciated on an ordinary Wednesday.

We had two hundred leaflets to distribute around the streets of Heaton. The leaflets were for the shared lives service in partnership with Newcastle City Council. More information about the service can be found on the website at:

Our main hazard this evening was trying to avoid the nettles.

There was no hanging about and we had all two hundred leaflets posted in no time.

Love a midweek Goodgym task which really helps to give life perspective.

What is the best way to push a leaflet through a letterbox?

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Olivia Waller
Charlotte ProudAnji AndrewsKrishti
Aimee (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Wed 31st May at 6:15pm

Leaflet drop in Heaton!

Spread the word about adult social care services

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Anji Andrews
Aimee (she/her) went on a community mission

Sun 14th May at 10:00am

Scaling a monumental (railing) task

Newcastle Report written by Tanya Johnson

The word of the weekend is Railing! Louise did an epic report yesterday using as many words that rhymed with railing as possible. To keep the theme going she raised the challenge that I use all the rhyming words she did as I tell you about our morning in Hodgkin Park.

Well Louise, challenge accepted.....

Ode to the Railings

In the realm of painting, a vibrant tale,
Where colours entwine and dreams set sail,
With brush in hand, we begin, no complaining,
Always willing, never failing.

Through paint, the pictures find their healing,
A balm for the steel that's been worn and ailing,
Assailing life's storms, they stand, prevailing.
Always steady, never bailing.

By the vibrant tapestries, the stories unfold,
With yarns of today and memories of old,
Sex Ed anecdotes Mike is regaling,
Always laughing, never wailing.

Engrossed the in task, the hours are sailing,
Time for a break, our coffee inhaling,
Resting in the shadow of the rails we’re nailing.
Always together, never trailing.

Once more of the brushes we are availing,
To the rails we go, one or two top and tailing,
Our photo op Aimee is surveilling,
Always planning, never flailing.

“The end of our task is nigh”, we are hailing,
It’s time for our monumental unveiling,
From the Blaydon Race to Paradise gate,
Always on pace, never late!

Apologies to Michael & Krishti my poetic skills were not good enough to fit you in by name.

Liked this? We'll be back in Hodgkin Park in three weeks to complete the painting. Need something sooner, there's a beginners session tomorrow at the Ouseburn.

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Anji Andrews
Charlotte ProudKrishti
Aimee (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Sun 14th May at 10:00am

Dan Laws
Aimee (she/her) went on a group run

Mon 1st May at 6:15pm

Dan LawsOlivia Waller
Anji AndrewsCharlotte Proud
Aimee (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Mon 1st May at 6:15pm

GoodGym Newcastle x Raleigh Launch

Keep our quayside tidy with a big litter pick

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Dan Laws
Aimee (she/her) went on a group run

Mon 24th Apr at 6:15pm

Brush it, brush it real good

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

GoodGym Newcastle is five years old this week and what a brilliant way to celebrate with a huge Stepney Bank Stables task tonight.

It was great to welcome new GoodGymer Mina and he really got stuck in! It was great having you along Mina and we can't wait to get to know you.

A big group gathered to do three brush-related jobs for Stepney Bank Stables, but when we arrived at the top yard there was an extra job waiting for us as a delivery of hay was waiting to be shifted into the barn. Sleeves were quickly rolled up to get that job done first. Following that, we broke into three groups: painting in stable walls, sweeping and cobble clearing- something Tom got really stuck into and will undoubtedly leave him with a few aching muscles tomorrow!

This task really showed the difference we can make in a short space of time and task owner Sara was really grateful, so grateful in fact that she brought us a horse to star in our birthday group photo!

Session done and it was off to the pub for home made tiffin and asda made muffins with The Ship Inn's finest pints. I was given a lovely surprise of flowers and a fancy bottle of gin. Thank you! I will stay another five years for treats like these!

Our session next week is on as normal despite the Bank Holiday, so we hope to see you then.

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KrishtiCharlotte Proud
Anji Andrews

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Tue 25th Apr at 1:50am

Thank for all of you today, and see all of you again in future events.

Newcastle runner

Tue 25th Apr at 4:46pm

It was great to meet you! See you soon

Aimee (she/her) went on a community mission

Sat 22nd Apr at 10:00am

The Earth Rocks!

Newcastle Report written by Aimee (she/her)

How did you spend Earth Day 2023? Four goodgymers spent the morning helping out Urban Green in Paddy Freeman's Park. If you haven't heard of it Earth Day is celebrated each year on the 22nd of April and is to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

We regularly help out Urban Green with a variety of tasks across the cities parks. Our task this time was edging the sides of the path around the play area to stop them becoming overgrown and putting back any rouge wood chip which had escaped the play area, making the paths look tidier.

This was a fitting task for Earth Day as Urban Green aim to help fight climate change by managing their parks in way which supports nature and reduces pollution. Park ranger Mike explained that in the past (pre Urban Green) the area we were working on would have been kept tidy using strong weed killers which can be detrimental to wildlife. Digging the weeds and over grown grass out of the path edges is harder work and takes more time but doesn't pollute the environment. We found many worms and some moth larvae which might have been harmed by harsh chemicals in weed killers or then ingested by birds which could feel the effects of chemicals increasing through the food chain.

We had a tea break half way through which give us the extra energy to finsh off the second side of the playarea. Me and Tom also had a play on a musical square in the playarea which rings different size bells when you step on each section allowing you to play a tune. Who says you can't have fun while helping the parks. Luckily we managed to finish in time as we all agreed we hate to leave a job unfinished. The task was very satisfying to see the difference we have made.

If you are inspired by Earth Day to volunteer in the Newcastle parks there are a number of goodgym sessions coming up soon. There is one more tomorrow with Urban Green in Hodgkin Park. You could also join us to support the Bike Gardern next Saturday in Nunsmoor Park. Then there are two more Urban Green sessions in three weeks time, the first one at Kenton park on Saturday 13th of May and the second at Hodgkin Park on Sunday the 14th of May. Find upcoming sessions here.

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Charlotte ProudAnji AndrewsDan Laws