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Tiny Forest maintenance with Earthwatch
🗓Today 4:00pm

📍Fawdon Park NE3 2QD

Come and help in one of the new Tiny Forests

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Tue 16th Jul at 4:00pm

Tiny Forest maintenance with Earthwatch

Come and help in one of the new Tiny Forests

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Aimee (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Mon 22nd Jul at 6:15pm

Aimee (she/her) went on a group run

Mon 8th Jul at 6:15pm

Can you flick it? Yes you can.

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

Monday: check. Brilliant turnout: check. Great task: check. Dog at GoodGym: check. Every box for a perfect start to the week was checked as we met for a marvellous Monday at Stepney Bank Stables.

A great group tonight for the session helping our hosts Stepney Bank Stables with a clear-up job to get the top stables spick and span ahead of Saturday’s Ouseburn festival where visitors are able to take a tour. Stepney Bank Stables is a fabulous community project and if you’ve never been make sure to pop in on Saturday if you can.

It was great to see Dan and Ellie back for their second task in three days as we don’t get to see them for months at a time. We also welcomed back Matt who did his first ever GG task at the weekend. Damu arrived in a celebratory mood tonight too with a pint in hand from The Cluny! That’s a good way to enhance GoodGym performance I’m sure.

Lots of elbow grease was required for the task this evening: brushing, scraping and flicking being three key actions for effective cobble cleaning. None of this is glamorous (apart from perhaps using a leaf blower) and Louise also got stuck into some heavy duty cobweb clearing despite a dodgy knee. Best of all, Dan’s wheelbarrow skills were required- always a happy sight. You’ll also see from the photos Ellie had the very impawtant job of keeping Stepney Bank Stables resident Good Boy Scout company for much of the evening.

Before long 45 minutes had passed and the yard looked sparkling - check out the before and after photos!

With a very squeezed amount of time we headed back for a team challenge to find and photograph three things using whichever strategy they saw fit: something that makes you smile, a living creature or insect and three street name signs. There were only five seconds in it at the end so it was pretty much a draw in my eyes.

Thanks everyone, a really positive start to the week.

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Anji Andrews
Aimee (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Mon 8th Jul at 6:15pm

Aimee (she/her) went on a community mission

Sat 8th Jun at 10:00am

Intertwangled islands

Newcastle Report written by Aimee (she/her)

On a Sunny Saturday morning five GoodGymers helped at an allotment belonging someone who grows vegetables which benefit the local community. We have helped at at these allotments overall perviously and it was lovely to see the raised beds in which we helped level the ground for. Dispite this I still managed to start going to wrong location and so I was a bit late and everyone else had already gotten stuck in.

We weeded and turned the soil in three seperate beds, moved logs and put down weed fabric (which we keep confusing with weed membrane) over the parts we had dug over, fully preparing the beds for the allotment owner to be able to plant vegetables now.

While doing this we found an ant colony, butterfly larvae and a really unusual white moth.

The report title comes from Chris's possibly made up words about the amount of tangled and intertwined weeds and vines, and the 'islands' of unturned soil we were each stood of as we lossen the soil around us. The name of a goodgym album perhaps?

Lucy declared this task the biggest difference she had seen in a while and I would have to agree, as you can see in the before, after and with weed frabic pictures and the picture of the bags of weeds we removed from the plot!

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Richard Borrowdale
Anji AndrewsPaul AndrewsChris Wannop
Aimee (she/her) went on a group run

Mon 3rd Jun at 6:00pm

Turning goals into sausage rolls

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

I was so excited for our group session tonight as in six years of GoodGym Newcastle it’s a rare thing to get something completely new. We changed the format a bit tonight to meet at Central Station before making our way to St James’ Park for the England match!

We had been asked by the amazing NUFC Fans foodbank to help boost their volunteer numbers outside of the England warm up match where they collect donations of cash and food. These events are pretty special as before the match everyone is guaranteed to be in a good mood! Armed with hi-vis and buckets we found a sunny spot near Shearers bar and soaked up the atmosphere. It wasn’t long before donations started coming in and we got to see how generous the football community can be. The time absolutely flew by between discussions of fond football memories and being ad-hoc stewards helping people to find their seats. One man was so grateful to Damu and I that he donated £10!

I’ll definitely keep an eye out to help this charity again as it was brilliant fun and really made a difference. There was also the added bonus of the burger van aroma and the roar of the crowd as we left. Magic!

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Anji Andrews
Aimee (she/her) went on a mission

Sun 2nd Jun at 11:00am

Cut and run!

Newcastle Report written by Aimee (she/her)

Two GoodGymers helped a older person who had just moved house to clear her large over grown garden, to make it more manageable for her look after.

Went we got there we realised how large and overgrown the garden was and we just decided to do what we could within the time. Kristi set to work weeding on one side and I cut down all the over grown plants on the other side. Then Kristi cut back bushes near the path as I sweeped up.

We felt like we had made a big difference in the hour and a half!

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Charlotte Proud
KrishtiAnji Andrews

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Jack Da Silva

Mon 3rd Jun at 10:09am