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10 GoodGymers made their way 3.7km to help the Friends of Aston's Eyot in Oxford.

  • Steven Moody
  • Isabella Collins
  • Alison
  • Anwen Greenaway
  • Bethan Greenaway
  • Trevor
  • Julia
  • Sarah
  • Vicky Arnold
  • Serena
Wednesday, 31st of July 2019
Led by Anwen Greenaway


  • 10 Goodgymers
  • 10 pairs of gloves
  • 7 loppers
  • 4 spades
  • 2 scythes
  • 1 rake
  • 1 wheelbarrow
  • 1 Friend of Aston's Eyot


Welcome newcomers to Oxford Goodgym Steve and Serena. Take the 10 Goodgymers and lead them on a half-mile run to the edge of Aston's Eyot. Once there introduce Ruth from Friends of Aston's Eyot and evenly distribute tools throughout the group before heading along Plantation Path to the evening's work spot. Listen carefully while Ruth explains the task for the evening.

Divide the Goodgym group into 3 teams - burdock lopping, cut plant clearing, scything thistles and nettles. Scythe, lop, rake for 45 minutes until arms are tired and area is looking considerably more open (allowing light in on wildflowers and encouraging butterflies). Be careful to avoid mice who have made their home amongst the undergrowth.

Detangle burdock burrs from hair, pose for a group photo, count tools back in.

Walk back to Jackdaw Lane. Run to the University Sports Centre on Iffley Road and scoot straight through to the Roger Bannister Track. Complete a spicy workout of 3x300m with 100m walk recoveries, 400m jog at the end of the set.

Return to base for a series of lovely stretches led by Serena. Head home for tea.

Further reading: Dandelion and burdock beer, Dandelion aand Burdock cordial, Nettle recipes.

Report written by Anwen Greenaway

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Anwen Greenaway
Led by Anwen Greenaway

Goodgym Coordinator for Oxford. Trail runner, often muddy.

GoodGymers helping out
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Sarah

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