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49 runners ran 3.2km to help the Emmaus Bristol and Cherry Tree Garden in Bristol.

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Tuesday, 20th of August 2019
Led by Shona Buchanan

Good Cheer

Welcome to Joseph and Mark who joined us for the first time tonight. It was also great to celebrate not one but two GoodGym birthdays: 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT AND LAURA!🎉

A puzzling task

Alice D did a wonderful job leading a group to Emmaus on her inaugural run leading evening. At Emmaus, the group met Xanne who explained their tasks for the evening and set them to work around the warehouse. The group got to work sorting donations to find the weirdest items and figuring out puzzles, including puzzling their way through subbuteo (thank goodness, or else what would the pun title have been).

Meanwhile, the rest of the group headed to Cherry Tree Garden. Julia set us to work on cutting back the overgrown areas, pruning a tree back to life and weeding the flower areas. The group split into half so while half of the group channeled their inner-Charlie Dimmocks, the rest of the group went to Victoria Park to do hill reps. We swapped over halfway through and the overall conclusion was that the group definitely prefer gardening to hills. After half an hour, the area was looking remarkably better and we had filled 5 garden waste bags.

A little pick-me-up

We finished the night with a team relay including a carrying-your-teammate round, with tactics ranging from piggy-backs to queen's chairs. Georgia's team raced home and were crowned victorious.

We headed off to celebrate with Laura and Matt and a double dose of chocolate cake, as well as celebrate Jenny's Bristol-cake win from the weekend and Darren's belated cheese-chasing medal!

Report written by Shona Buchanan

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Nick Baker
Nick Baker
Thursday August 22nd, 2019 16:18

So glad I missed the piggyback racing...

Any chance of getting added to the run? Pretty please...

Shona Buchanan
Shona Buchanan
Thursday August 22nd, 2019 19:18


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Led by

Shona Buchanan

Shona Buchanan
Trainer for Bristol GoodGym. Continually running for that finishing slice of cake.

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    • Melanie Young
  • Photographer

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    • Alice Dalrymple
  • Back markers

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    • Alice Dalrymple
    • Bristol runner

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