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14 runners ran 7.0km to help the South Downs Leisure Charitable trust in Worthing.

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Monday, 27th of January 2020

RED January - The final group run

Last year we had an individual goal of 60 good deeds and 670km to complete in January. We achieved exactly 60 good deeds and 677km so smashed the target that had been set for us.

This year we didn't have an individual goal but as a whole, GoodGym has a target of 8,000 good deeds and 100,000kms. Worthing have, so far, contributed 99 good deeds and 979kms and as I type we are laying 6th on the silver leader board with 4 more days of good deeds before the deal is sealed and we will know the final results. There are at least 3 areas who will most likely push us down to at least 9th but hopefully no lower. Watch out for the final scores on the doors which I will publish in the fitness email early on Saturday.

Our very own Johnalso known more recently ( like yesterday) as 'Old John' has created a spreadsheet which shows our position overall on a pro rata basis which is based on the size of our group. As of last night we were 9th overall out of 57 areas which I'm super proud of and I'm sure you are too.

If you do have any ideas for some last minute tasks that we can add to help us secure our place in history then the time is this week... today ... now!

Back to tonight

This evening we welcomed back (young) John for his second task with us and although carrying a knee injury this week he still turned out to do good. We are really looking forward to John being a regular member of the team. Next week is his first social experience with us - we cant wait!

Another special mention tonight goes to Steve and Anne who are both also struggling with pesky injures but who came along to support the RED challenge.

It was another great attendance from the rest of the core team. It would be great to hold these numbers up all year and I'm quietly confident that we will. After a catch on all things GG and other local news, the team eagerly awaited instructions.

We headed out to the track for some warm up laps where we worked at a gradually escalating pace. This was a great start to the mileage target for the evening with around 1.9 km per person clocked up on Strava.

Putting a gloss on it

We headed into the leisure centre where we were giving a helping hand with painting in one of their meeting rooms just off the bar area.

Whilst we waited for final instructions from the duty manager on site I got the group going with their fitness session a little earlier than scheduled . With squats, squats jumps, wall sits, burpees and core planks it was a great use of time and team work where they could easily have chosen having a chat instead . However I'm quite sure I understood their preference perfectly :) :)

Considering our big turn out it was really appreciated that the centre had provided all the equipment that we needed to do a great job . With jobs chosen and allocated the team set about the task in hand with their usual energy and banter.

Oooh errr matron

Tonight there was some added humour with some unintentional and totally innocent painting innuendos thrown in for good measure :) :) Who doesn't love a good carry on film!

Health and safety strikes again!

Tools down,no rain and it was time to get out running and walking. At this point quite a lot of chaos ensued with a number of the group on different agendas for the final part of the evening. Please forgive me for my out of character temporary loss of control and good humour but I had to try and get a grip on proceedings. 'No different to every week' I hear you say!

With our GG family expanding at a rapid rate it is my responsibility that everyone stays safe and happy at the same time as supporting the GG ethos of no one getting left behind ( or lost!)

All's well that ends well

4.9km later and everyone arrived back safe and sound and almost all together !

Next week its all about celebrating John's 50th good task with fish and chips and beer. All smiles, loads of teasing and I hope to be out with the walking group. Lets make it a date :)

See you at Splashpoint Leisure Centre at 6 pm.

Have a good week

Julia xx

Report written by JULIA GLEESON

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