Group run

Proper Choppers!

30 runners ran 5.4km to help the Agnes Riley Gardens in Lambeth.

  • Elise
  • marie noelle Vieu
  • John Hunter
  • Isabel Sloman
  • Maya
  • George Clarkson
  • Steve Jenkins
  • Sarah Hirst
  • Lucy Ranson
  • Magdalena Bujar
  • Frances Collier-Wright
  • Alex Brown
  • Charlotte Thomas
  • Nicky Woodall
  • Tim Wheatley
  • Emily Prescott
  • Lavinia Walsh
  • Philip Woodall
  • Paul Fawcett
  • Carol Carney
  • Lee Jones
  • Charlotte
  • Maeva
  • Laura
  • Angela
  • Mira
  • Marina
  • Holly Foster
  • Ashley Solomon
  • Bethan Tabram
Tuesday, 23rd of July 2019
Led by John Hunter

30 hot little runners headed 5.4km in the evening sun to rendezvous with a helicopter and a man called Adrian at Agnes Riley community gardens for a variety of gardening tasks.


John was in for Mark this week, and the evening started with some cheers for Paul for surpassing 50 good deeds and to Sarah, Charlotte and Bethan for coming on their first run! CHEERS FOR ALL PLZ! 🙌🙌🙌

Then, despite a few protestations of:

Doesn't GoodGym cancel a run when it's this hot? I've got a bead on!

(hint: no) we split into two groups: a 'quite slow please, I am hot enough already' group led by Lucy, and a 'maybe if we go slightly faster, the breeze will cool us down??' group led by John - and headed UP THE HILL (fml) to Agnes Riley Gardens. Update: breeze tactic only semi-successful.

And what did we find there? Well, for one, a BRIGHT RED HELICOPTER. The power, the majesty, the heroism of the London Air Ambulance crew - all of these were appreciated, but only slightly, compared to shouts of:


Turns out that the 1,400hp of the MD902 Explorer Twin Engine Helicopters is much more effective than a Poundland handheld personal fan at wafting cooling currents over 29 sweaty gardeners, and it was tools down for a minute to enjoy the spectacle, majesty, and slight breeze of the chopper's takeoff. 💨💨💨

And also, and more importantly, we found Adrian of the community gardens, who wasted no time in organising 29 eager pairs of hands into crack teams dealing with hoeing, weeding, chopping back hedges (CHOPPING, CHOPPERS, GET IT??), dead-heading and watering. In the warm orange evening light, things were looking pretty tasty as we left, if we may say so ourselves. Adrian was pleased.

Thanks guys! - Adrian

Then it was back down the hill (that's better) with Nicky leading one group this time, and a return to Papa's to enjoy that moment when you stop running in the heat and realise JUST HOW SWEATY YOU ARE. Where's that breezy chopper when you need it?

Report written by John Hunter

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Led by

John Hunter

John Hunter
hello! I'm a run leader, coach runner and occasional goodgym photographer.

Runners helping out

  • Back markers

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Nicky Woodall
    • Lucy Ranson
    • Steve Jenkins
    • George Clarkson
    • Isabel Sloman
    • Elise

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