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18 runners ran on a training session in Leeds.

  • Elizabeth Stephensen-Payne
  • Liv Parker-Scott
  • Aron Fulton
  • Tom Elcock
  • Heather Fulton
  • Huw Davies
  • Leeds runner
  • Pauline Harrison
  • Carol Carney
  • Kati Law
  • Ben Godfrey
  • Rachael Cooney
  • JC
  • Kira Harrison
  • Katie Lees
  • Jenny
  • Joe Wakerley
  • Alex Briggs
Wednesday, 8th of April 2020
Led by Aron Fulton

We may be on lockdown, but the GoodGym fun doesn't stop!

After Saturday evening's training run listed by Jenny, and Tuesday's GoodGym-themed Quiz hosted by our very own quizmaster Katie, it's time to see how we all got on in our street sign bingo.

This week's GoodGym Leeds run has the slightly confusing honour of being the run which was completed in the most varied locations! We had entries from Huddersfield, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leicester and a few different London areas, as well as Leeds of course.

I had started the week by setting a tough set of criteria (which were largely based on roads I was able to find near to my own house). As a recap, these were to find street signs that included:

  • A first name
  • A place (not in Yorkshire)
  • A tree or plant
  • A colour
  • An animal
  • A building

And some bonus extras of:

  • A body part
  • A number

Despite making it very clear that I would allow words within words, there has been some controversy from those who consider themselves street sign bingo purists, and seem to think that only complete words should be permitted (OK so this was just Alex, he is a stickler for rules!) As it's my game, they're my rules, and I'm feeling very lenient. This means that nobody is getting disqualified, no matter how tenuous your street signs are, and I've even allowed the sign for a church, some rogue pictures of animals, and a street sign that wasn't even taken on the run. You're all officially winners, and you each win absolutely nothing! Well done everyone!

We had a huge variety of street signs and pictures, and I loved seeing them all as they came in. I specifically asked for you guys to create a little collage of your photos to make it a bit easier for me to pull the report together after last week's mammoth video entry debacle, so it was particularly fun that Tom set his own challenge for me to complete by sending me a zip folder of individual photos, which apparently my phone refused to open!

After I finally managed to get at all of your images, it was great to see how you guys all went about it. I really enjoyed how both Joe and Rach, and Carol added funky labels to their collage, just in case anyone was confused about whether 'Turkey Hill' was a number or a colour, or 'Cottage Road' was in fact an animal.

One of my absolute favourites was Kira from GG Liverpool, who not only found multiple streets for some of the tasks, she provided a 'bonus vegetable' with 'Marrow Drive', and this classy pun:

"Because of this bingo I have 'Dunmore' than I have all week!" Take a bow, Kira!

This challenge took people as far apart as Scotland, Bordeaux, Holland, California and even Jamaica! All in your one permitted run per day! Who said staying at home meant not seeing the world?

Slightly more concerning was the fact that runners were faced with Arms, Elbows, Backs, Chests, and even a 'Fulneck'. I know it's been warm recently but it's not that hot! The sun comes out for five minutes and suddenly everone's baring all.

The most tricky definitely seemed to be obtaining a number, although there were a few One's and Ten's hidden within street names, and even a Nine, although Adam's First to Sixth Street was pretty impressive.

We also had sightings of some Oxen, Badgers, an Osprey, a Hawk and two Nanny Goats (although it might have been the same one)! Last but not least Karly provided us with this fabulous picture, although the GG Leeds facebook group couldn't quite work out what it is.

" It's a horse dressed like a zebra" Karly

"Are you sure it's not a zebra wearing a mask?!" Tom

I'll leave it for you to decide!

I also specifically asked for funny/rude words, so I particularly enjoyed Jean-Christophe's 'Ha-Ha Road' (even if he didn't actually capture it on this run), a Dick Lane, and Tickle Cock Bridge found by Tom. Finally there was a late entry from Liv, and I must admit 'Upper Butts' made me chuckle way more than it should do considering I'm supposed to be an actual adult.

And finally I'm sharing my favourite photo of the entire challenge, which Adam took and is almost perfect for the current times of self-isolation. Don't forget though, you're not alone, we're all one big happy family together, sharing virtual runs, puns and laughs across the country. If anyone ever needs a chat don't be afraid to reach out, to me or any other GoodGym pals. This will all be over one day, and we'll have the most epic relaunch party!

Thank you all for getting involved in this week's challenge, I enjoyed setting it and finding my own route, so I'm glad you all got involved as well. Hope to see lots of you getting involved again next week!

Report written by Aron Fulton

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Greenwich runner
Greenwich runner
Thursday April 9th, 2020 10:15

Great report and an excellent challenge idea! :D

Barbara Griffin
Barbara Griffin
Thursday April 9th, 2020 16:39

Great idea Aron!

York runner
York runner
Thursday April 9th, 2020 16:49

Absolutely LOVING this!

Leeds runner
Leeds runner
Thursday April 9th, 2020 17:34

LOVE this!!! Your reports never fail to make me chuckle :D xxx

Becs Clarke
Becs Clarke
Saturday April 11th, 2020 10:21

This is AMAZING. According to votes, this makes you this week's winners of the GG fitness challenge, well done!

Sam Ollason
Sam Ollason
Tuesday April 14th, 2020 09:06

Fantastic idea and great report !

Amy Pezet
Amy Pezet
Tuesday April 14th, 2020 18:16

This is soo good! Love the idea!

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