Training session

Les Arches Des Triumph and other marathon escapades

21 runners ran 25.0km on a training session in Bristol.

  • Bristol runner
  • Christopher Lewis
  • Bristol runner
  • Paul Becker
  • Richard Breakspear
  • Dave Guest
  • Alice Whale
  • Melanie Young
  • Shona Buchanan
  • Bristol runner
  • Alice Dalrymple
  • Alison Davidson
  • Bristol runner
  • Alexis Wiseman
  • Julie M
  • Laura Spencer
  • Russ Cahill
  • Chris Palmer
  • Vicky Tester
  • Roz Glover
  • Matthew Burton
Sunday, 5th of April 2020
Led by Shona Buchanan

Well, it was a big week for GoodGym Bristol. This week's fitness challenge was to run or walk a marathon during your week of once a day exercise. The group took it up with enthusiasm and absolutely smashed the marathon efforts all round!

  • Clo and Matt finished off their marathon by including the Virtual Reading Half Marathon on Sunday
  • Russ also did his very own Bristol Half Marathon
  • Laura completed hers at Les Arches des Triumph on the day she would have completed the Paris Marathon
  • Richard G did his entire marathon in prime number only runs
  • Alex combined the Bristol Skipping Challenge with her final run of the marathon challenge
  • Roz logged a chunk of her miles on the laps of her block
  • Matt imagined more far-off runs while he ran around Bristol (see photos)
  • Julie ran over the line with 20 minutes to go before the midnight deadline

And to finish we had repurposed medals, Chris's show-stopping Viennetta medal and Alice making us all jealous with her post-marathon biscoff pancakes. Looks like the next challenge should be a dessert-based one...

Massive well done everyone, you are all GoodGym Bristol marathon heroes!

Sign up to the next fitness challenge here and don't forget that the Skipping Challenge is still open until Wednesday here!

P.S. The site won't let us log that we ran 42km, so we'll have to accept 25km for now!

Report written by Shona Buchanan

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Melanie Young
Melanie Young
Monday April 6th, 2020 12:50

And me!!!

Bristol runner
Bristol runner
Tuesday April 7th, 2020 09:18

Great report and challenge Shona :)

Alexis Wiseman
Alexis Wiseman
Tuesday April 7th, 2020 13:33

I managed about 36 km, not quite a marathon! I will make up the other 6 km this week! I will send you a photo

Rebecca Clarke
Rebecca Clarke
Tuesday April 7th, 2020 14:05

great stuff! :) serious contender for this week's fitness challenge prize!

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