Training session

It was a bit of a stretch!

30 runners ran 1.0km on a training session in Barnet.

  • David Stoker
  • Eve Payne
  • Mary Caudle
  • Jane Yelloly
  • Southwark runner
  • Paul Salman
  • Becky
  • Kay
  • Lorraine
  • Nicky Woodall
  • Harvey Gallagher
  • Hannah
  • Aase Villadsen
  • Sally
  • Abi Perrin
  • Redbridge runner
  • Kat
  • Ealing runner
  • Julia Shmotkina
  • York runner
  • Yusra
  • Denise
  • Amie Lane
  • John Adkins
  • Zoe Sturgess
  • Amanda
  • Joseph
  • Rashmi
  • Tom Blake
  • Leticia
Tuesday, 16th of February 2021
Led by Paul Salman

A few GoodGym members came online to do some yoga.

yoga talk....

Let’s be honest: Running more isn’t always the best thing we can do for our bodies. As we build mileage, our hamstrings and calf muscles can grow taut while we ignore our core and other muscles. We start to believe more is always more, ignoring our body’s subtle (and not-so-subtle) complaints.

Lucky for us, yoga is a perfect complement to running. Everything that running tightens, yoga stretches. But yoga offers much more than just stretching.

“It’s about balance,” yoga instructor Sage Rountree

Rountree, an ultramarathoner, triathlete, and coach, as well as a yoga instructor, literally wrote the book on how yoga can help runners. Rountree writes about how yoga can help you improve your form, power and strength.

“If done well, yoga lets you see where the imbalances are in your body, and balance is key to preventing injuries,” she says. read more here

Report written by Paul Salman

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