GoodGym Monthly Social on Tour - Haringey

10 GoodGymers made their way to have an amazing time in Haringey.

  • Sarah Moore
  • Pritesh Mistry
  • Patrick Luong
  • John Shirley
  • Frances Powrie
  • George
  • Catherine
  • Al Smith
  • Alex
  • Abigail White
Thursday, 11th of January 2018
Led by Pritesh Mistry

Ho ho ho...no wait a minute...Christmas has passed and we are bang in to TWENTY EIGHTEEN! Happy new year one and all!

So we kicked off the socials for the year with a January start (this is so we can go on tour more so get your 'applications' to host in asap!) in Haringey!

Here's the report:


  • Big congratulations to David Guest who topped the charts in December with 15 good deeds! That's one every other day even in December! All the rest of the deeds can be seen here or in the photo above!

  • As we're on tour here are the Haringey Heroes - The most cheers given were dispensed by Dave Mansfield and he apparently gave them all to Sarah Moore who was the most cheered. Sarah Moore also put everyone to shame by registering the highest distance run and last but definitely least the most good deeds in Haringey were completed by Ollie Levy - congrats to all of you and see the full list here or check the stats in the photo.

  • We had seven people 'go ninja' and receive their black tshirts and six who got their wings as they hit a massive 100 good deeds! Finally a huge shout to GG Bristol's Richard Giddings who hit 200 good deeds in December! Congratulations everyone!

  • Finally to the area heroes... or rather hero this month. Congratulations to GG Bristol who took both most new runners (15) and highest number of attendances too (258)! Time for everyone else to up their game.


We had some forward looking news with the Big Six and Euro trip to Bucharest mentioned as well as championing the new invite a friend feature on the website.

The big new was the January Challenge, here are the details:

  • January Challenge - this year as a collective we are trying to hit 5000 good deeds and 50,000kms! As well as that we have division challenges based on your area targets. A time of writing as a collective we have hit 2234 deeds and 32,178kms - amazing! We are currently looking at missing the deeds target but smashing the distance target - let's make that running count everyone check out missions and remember there could be more than one goodgym near you - why not do some GG tourism (you might even earn a badge!) Check out the area leagues towards the bottom of the page here!

International Pun of the Month

Last, as ever, but most definitely least we have the international pun of the month award. Thank you to everyone that voted online (i do hope you're not using it as an excuse to not attend the social though) and of course to everyone that voted on the night. It was a hotly contested vote with GG Brighton's 'only tools and hoses' leading the way before a dogfight between GG Cardiff's 'we run to stay elfy' and GG Wandsworth's 'let's carol on going good, it would Rudolph us not to!'. In the end, winning by just one vote... with 26 out of 82 votes... the first international pun of the month of 2018 is

Let's carol on doing good, it would be Rudolph us not to! from GG Wandsworth

Congratulations to you all and keep on going with the puns - we're loving it over at pun central!

Rightio, thanks to everyone who came along on the night, thanks to all of the voters and I look forward to seeing you next month too. The social will be on the 8th February somewhere in central London and details will be confirmed here. It's gonna be a big one as we deliver the results of the January Challenge and look ahead to the races of the year.

As ever please do feedback if you'd like to see any changes or others done at the social and get in touch directly if you would like to host an 'on tour' edition - May, September and November are on offer!

Pritesh (@pritski)

p.s. Thanks to John for additional photos

p.p.s. Don't forget the unofficial goodgym facebook group - we chat all things running, socials and everything else you might expect from the burgeoning GoodGym community. You can join here but please don't forget to answer the question about your area or we won't accept you!

Report written by Pritesh Mistry

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