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Revealed: results of the vote for our big six races for this year

October 26, 2017


Islington runner

Islington runner

York runner

York runner

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On 26th October we gathered at GoodGym HQ at Somerset House (with a couple of people joining via Google Hangouts) to choose our Big Six races for 2018. As always, we opened it up to all GoodGym runners to offer suggestions, and received almost 30 - with a lively discussion on the Facebook group about which ones we should ultimately go for.


It's always difficult to narrow it down to six, but in general we're looking to make sure we get good coverage across the UK, that we have a mix of road and trail, and that we have a good variety of distances to cater to all standards of runners. We had a good discussion about it, and in the end managed to pick six hopefully excellent options!

  • Colchester Half Marathon, 25th March, Colchester, Essex (organised by the Colchester massive, who lobbied very hard for it's inclusion!) (road)

  • Great Welsh Half and Full Marathon, 15th April, organised by Ben A (who has also promised lessons on how to pronounce Llanelli (road)

  • Lakeland Trails - Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k, 3rd June, organised by GoodGym organiser in chief Tom Benson (trail...probably hilly)

  • White Star Running East Farm (marathon, half, 10k and 12 hour "frolic"), 25th-27th August - organised by White Star lovers Frances and Lucy, and yes there will be Love Stations! (trail)

  • Rutland Marathon, half and four person marathon relay - 16th September, organised by Race the Train supremos Beth and Aidan (flat trail)

  • Yorkshire Marathon and 10 Mile, 14th October, organised by GoodGym York's one and only Egg (road)

We hope that there'll be something for everyone in the choices in offer, and that we'll see people come along on their first GoodGym race as well as those coming on their 50th. Individual pages with more information on each of the races will be going up soon!

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Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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