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Dave Guest has has helped make a Saturday extra super by getting involved and being part of the most community missions done in a day, nice one Sat 21 Sep 2019

Dave got involved; they mucked in and they enabled GoodGym to complete the most community missions in a day, they are the Dupa to the Super.

Dave Guest completed a training run

MOT-or-head(for home)

  • Fri 20 Sep 2019
  • 3.5km
  • 21:56
  • 06:13/km
Dave Guest completed a training run

New Dark Age

  • Thu 19 Sep 2019
  • 3.4km
  • 21:13
  • 06:17/km
Dave Guest completed a training run


  • Wed 18 Sep 2019
  • 5.0km
  • 32:29
  • 06:33/km
Dave Guest has signed up to Weeding and trimming for Miss Z Wed 18 Sep 2019
Dave Guest completed a coach visit

When I Come Around

  • Mon 16 Sep 2019
  • 6.7km
  • 41:54
  • 06:17/km
Dave Guest went on a community mission Sat 14 Sep 2019
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