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Flash-plants: Water feeling

3 runners ran to help the Story Garden in Camden.

  • Sally
  • Elizabeth
  • Abi Perrin
Thursday, 17th of October 2019
Led by Abi Perrin

Tonight three GoodGymmers met up to help Global Generation at Story Garden.

(Well, I say three met up, but in actuality two GoodGymmers physically met up for a first shift (Abi and I) and exchanged group chat messages with the third GoodGymmer (Sally), who turned up for the second shift. The three virtually met at any rate, which is very much the modern way of things 👍🏻)

Between myself and Abi, plants in the polytunnel were watered to stop them from feeling parched, and plants just outside the polytunnel were tipped over to drain their excess water (some plants being more equal than other plants). This took a surprising amount of time, and so we wandered off after these tasks (just before the rain hit, which probably completely undid half of our work 😅🤣).

Sally arrived soon after we left, and there were rumours of painting and/or definitely not using power tools. There's an absence of photos to say what happened definitively, but, knowing Sally, woodchip was probably involved somewhere. [EDIT: The photos have been updated to show a path that Sally helped to make, with no comment whatsoever on how it was made 😅😇]

We'll likely be returning to Story Garden for the next few Thursday evenings to help out again, so keep an eye out for sign-up details on the listings page if you'd like to join! 😄

Report written by Elizabeth

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Monday October 21st, 2019 22:58

This pun is magnificient. Well done on both the task and that fine punnage!

Monday October 21st, 2019 23:58

Cheers, Ben!

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