Let's make GoodGym Edinburgh happen...

What is GoodGym?

GoodGym runners stretching out after a run

We run, walk and cycle to help local community organisations by doing practical tasks

Plant trees at the local park

Sort cans for a foodbank

Clean up a community centre

Do some gardening

There are 22524

Goodgymers in 61 areas.

We've helped 49697

with 348370 tasks.

How to get involved in Edinburgh

Volunteer to help organise this area

We will send you information about the volunteer roles to run this new GoodGym area and how we can support your journey. Any questions - email getinvolved@goodgym.org

Volunteer to help organise this area

Register your interest to be a goodgymer

Fancy joining us and walking, running or cycling to missions to help support community organisations. Click below to register and hear when this group is starting.

753 sign ups so far...

  • Lucja Leonard
  • Tierney Lovell
  • Beth Kay
  • Emily
  • Siobhan Rooney
  • Claire Wilson
  • Rebecca Camille Tennant
  • Camilla Balfour
  • Joanne McGlanaghy
  • Tracy Watt
  • Angela Robertson
  • Eleanor Sanders White
  • Alex Quayle
  • Edinburgh runner
  • Kate
  • Tara Walsh
  • Kirsty Watson
  • Phoebe Wightwick
  • Removed User
  • Caitlin
  • Sonya Lam
  • Dean Nelson
  • Calum Reynolds
  • Helle Taylor
  • Claire Rampen
  • Amy
  • Gill
  • Grant Lamont
  • Lucy Ranson
  • Andrew Bond
  • Anandan
  • Anne Dokubo
  • Grace Feakes

Register as a runner

Share the love

The more people we can get involved in a new area, the better. Help get your new area set up by sharing on your social media.

What happens next?

Setting up a new area takes a lot of work and a bit of process. Below are the stages we need to go through.

Team in place

Coordinators signed up and new members joined

Raise funds

Work together to raise startup funding

Build community

Identify community and charity organisations that need practical help

Go go go!

The area is then live, weekly sessions can begin and we can start making positive impact in your new shiny area!

Background photograph by Stuart Cale
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