Why we are supporting Lambeth Covid-19 Mutual Aid

Lambeth is a full of amazing people, volunteering to help others at this time. The Lambeth Covid-19 Mutual Aid group was set up to coordinate food deliveries, leaflet delivery and other necessary jobs.

How to get involved

You can head to their website here https://www.lambethmutualaid.co.uk/volunteer-contact which has a google form to fill out, or you can email them at lambethcovid19mutualaid@gmail.com There is also a facebook group with regular posts from people requesting help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LambethCOVID19MutualAid/

Show your support
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  • Ella Clarke
  • Dee Ower

3 people are supporting Lambeth Covid-19 Mutual Aid

By supporting this charity, you will be able to log any good deeds you have done with them.

Count me in
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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead

Area Activator for GG Bromley! Mostly runs for the train. On purpose obvs.

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