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8 Goodgymers helped their local community in Coventry
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Tuesday 11th July 2023

Report written by Laura Denham

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8 excellent GoodGymmers braved the uncertain weather for our group run and litter pick this evening. We welcomed back Meera who is gonna be sticking around Coventry for a bit so we hope to be seeing more of her :)

We all set off on the short run to Stoney Stanton Road where we were starting the litter pick. We were due to meet Joe at the Canal bridge near the Leicester Causeway.

We arrived at the beginning of Stoney Stanton, splitting into 2 teams on either side of the road Meera, Lilian, Allan and Georgia on one side and Graham, James and Laura on the other and got cracking. After a few minutes we quickly realised that making it to the canal was a bit optimistic given the volume of rubbish around. We contacted Joe and told him it would be best for him to start walking to us to join us on the pick as there was no way we would make it that far in the time we had. The bags were soon filled so we decanted what we could into the roadside bins and Laura had to pop to the shop for extra bing bag supplies to keep up with the demand!

It was sad to see so much rubbish around, we chatted with a fellow litter picker from a local Mosque who was telling us about what a mess it can be around there. At the end of our session we got rid of the bags of waste and head back. It was just starting to rain at that point but we very much welcomed it, hoping that it would wash off the bin juice! Luckily it was only a light drizzle and the heavy rain only just caught us during the cool down but we managed to get shelter inside Coventry boys and Girls club.

Brilliant effort tonight everyone, well done!

Session Leader
Area activator
Joe Crean
Georgia Knights
Allan Mansfield
Laura Denham
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Trafford runner

Tue 11th Jul 2023 at 10:44pm

thanks for the big welcome back!!