When the chips are down (we eat cake)

11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bristol
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Tuesday 23rd April

Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

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Blue sky and sunshine for the 12 GoodGymmers who braved the hill up the Totterdown, making the mostbof the Banana (Benene, Binini,Bonono, Bununu, just for Frances) Bridge before it, too, closes for a couple of years to be fixed.

A local group is looking after some green spaces and making them more inviting, including this one (not the actual orchard but still technically an irchard as it has five fruit-like trees) that needed some woodchip moving from a big pile to start creating a winding path, hindweed to pull and fruit trees (what with it being an orchard) to water.

Riya, on her first good deed, mastered shovelling, raking and the all-important GoodGym proficiency test for wheelbarrowing after revealing she'd never tried any of then before - great work!

The runners, led by Vaguely Northern Darren and backmarked by Caroline, who was backmarked by 50-good-deeder Caroline, had already gotten to grips with the woodchip path-laying by the time the walkers arrived so Richard and Frances joined Melanie in trying to pull up the bindweed without pullout out, nor falling down, the bankside. Somehow Ed joined the path gang although he'd walked and defected to the running group for the return leg (where Marianne's 50th good deed cake was waiting - delicious!).

Darren took some lovely photos in the sunshine and if you can see through the glorious glare of the sun, Tom, Gareth and Freya were all hard at work casting long shadows.

Soon we'd weeded and pathed and were on our way back down the hill for tea, cake (and Ed's burger), cider and a lot of nonsense chattering about skiing chickens and Mr T(-pot). All pretty standard stuff.

Same tine next week?

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