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9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Greenwich
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Wednesday 27th September 2023

Report written by Sarah M

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Wednesday 27th September saw 9 GoodGymers (welcome newcomers Maria & Lukas!) meet outside the Crossrail Station in Woolwich for a hop, skip and a jog up the hill to our task at Dee’s Childcare.

Once welcomed by the team there, we were presented with our challenge for the evening: Levelling Up the Playing Field (or rather, levelling up a small hill made up of re-purposed car tyres and soil). This needed to be de-constructed and then re-built to form a supporting structure around the existing slide.

Challenge accepted, lots of digging, ground flattening and re-arranging ensued and within the hour a cheerleading-style pyramid of tyres had been concocted around said slide – a rainbow of painted tyres featuring on the front section.

What seemed like a daunting task at first, turned out to be one where the time flew by, and proved team work really does give us a pitch perfect result. Thanks to all involved!

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Maria Paula Giuffra Rodriguez
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Sarah M
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