🧱 We Kept Painting Another Brick in the Wall 🧱

11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Luton
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Wednesday 13th September 2023

Report written by David Mansfield

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We met up at the town hall for intros and a warm up before we set off with a mix of walking, running and biking through the sunset to our task at Kingway Recreation Ground.

The 61 Football club were waiting for us with a fresh pot of brick red paint, with just enough brushes to go around we were able to get everyone painting the walls of the clubhouse and during the session we almost finished off the whole 5 litres!

Darkness set in during the task reminding us all that its time to bring headtorches out on group runs from now on, its only going to get darker and we never stop!

With the paint all on the walls we made the return journey back into town for all important stretches and goodbyes.

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The 61 Football Club
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Assine Aitbella
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Martin R
David Mansfield
Lizzy Burch
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