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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Chelmsford
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Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Report written by Tav (he/him)

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Well, I can tell you we did and 200 trees can quench their thirst tonight!

And it was another glorious evening of running and physical work to lug full watering cans from a makeshift wheelbarrow refill station to the sapling trees. A relay of straining arms muscles and pumping legs spontaneously broke out as, in true Goodgymer style, I saw the glint in the eyes of the team with total determination to complete the task.

The team from the church supported us with refills both for the trees and for us - the lemon squash under the walnut tree was most welcome. A treemendous effort from all. The 200 trees were donated by the Woodland Trust as part of the jubilee.

Rewinding to the run and the group set a great pace and powered up to St Mary Church in Broomfield. The unofficial 'most colourful leggings' prize was easily won by Becca. Perhaps Saucony will produce a Rainbow T-Shirt for those who reach 500 good deeds?!! And are there enough colourful running clothes for men? And if there were would you buy and wear them?!

Our return run had a pleasant accompanying breeze and everyone was pleased with a decent distance to log on Strava and a job well done.

Come along to Marks Hall Parkrun on Saturday or just bring some food for a picnic afterwards and also the Essex Pride event is still open for volunteers!

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The Parish Church of Broomfield is a lively and welcoming church community. There has been worship in this place for many centuries and we are proud of our ancient historic building with its stunning round tower, beautiful peal of bells and extensive church yard. Alongside the history however we are a vibrant worshipping community. All are made to feel welcome whether you attend regularly or if you are just visiting. Our worship is broad ranging from quiet Holy Communion services based on the Book of Common Prayer to lively and loud family services with Puppet ministry and instruments for the kids... and everything in between. We hope that you would like to come and join us as we seek to engage with God in a very real and dynamic way today.

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Helping support a local church.

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