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Runner, gym goer, occasional cyclist and swimmer. Work in the education charity sector. Proud GoodGym beneficiary.


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Community mission

Crouch End Open Space (CREOS) Volunteering Day (October 2021)

Sun 17 Oct 11:00 am
Greenways, London, N8 8JJ
Our monthly woodland regeneration session with the CREOS volunteering team

Join us as we help the team at CREOS, a local conservation charity, maintain and improve a lovely green oasis in Crouch End.

CREOS looks after the meadows and wooded pathways of the Crouch End Open Space. GoodGym runners have been helping them maintain this beautiful patch of land for a while now, and the CREOS team always has lots for us to do.

We'll meet for an 11am start and aim to work for two hours. Stay as long as you can... but if you can make it to 1pm you'll get to enjoy a picnic* provided by the CREOS team. (Though this may be contingent on the weather!)

Here is a link to our start location- over at CREOS Meadow:

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Sun 10 Oct
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Thu 7 Oct
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Wed 6 Oct
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Wed 6 Oct
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Group run

Red Sky At Night, Goodgymmers' Delight

Wed 6 Oct
Report written by Euclides Montes

7 wonderful Goodgymmers visited the good folk at Russell's Hub in Wood Green to help them get one of the park's toilets ready for an event this weekend.

Toilet puns are really crap

I know that as it's the tradition, some of you are here for toilet puns, and urine in luck as we're going to dump them all in this very paragraph, flush out the cringe so to speak, so we can get the potty started. Happy now?

Our Goodgymmers ran through the streets of the Noel Park Estate tonight towards Russell Park to lend a hand to the Noel Park Big Local, who manage the Russel's Hub space in the park. They had cleared out one of the park's toilets and left it ready for us to give it a good lick of paint.

We learnt that a cleaning crew had given the toilet the once over earlier in the day and we were very pleased to find they had done a fantastic job - the toilet barely seemed like it needed any work at all! We were there to do a job, however, so we Picassoed our way through one toilet and even had time to paint the kitchen space at the hub as well.

While Kapil kindly cleaned out the painting paraphernalia, the rest of us stood around him, inspecting his work and shooting the breeze. We found out that Sam is not a big fan of Legionnaires' Disease and that some of the misconceptions we've had to clear up with people is that Goodgym is not "a gym where they make women run to see old people," and that we are in no way doing court-ordered community service.

By the end of the session, we were absolutely wiped so we high-fived and half of our group ran westward home, while Gramps led the rest of the crew back to HQ.

Good times.

Good luck to Sarah at the Manchester Marathon, Charlie at the Royal Parks Half Marathon, Kapil who's parkrunning abroad and everyone else running this weekend.

And join us next week for more fun.

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Group run

Painting and fixing up the toilet at Russell Hub

Wed 6 Oct 18:45 pm
Blue House Yard, 5 River Park Road, London, N22 7TB
Come and help this local organisation get their toliter ready for an event this weekend

The Task:

We'll be helping the folk at Noel Park Big Local who are turning a small kiosk in Russell Park into a community-run cafe. They are hosting a Haringey Council/ Homes for Haringey consultation session this weekend and need a hand getting the toilter ready for the public. Please be aware this a painting task so don't bring your best clothes! :)

The Run/walk:

We'll do a 3kish run to task, and 2kish run back to HQ afterwards. There is a walking option too.

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Wed 29 Sep
Becca W completed a training run • To GoodGym
Wed 29 Sep
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Group run

FFS (For Fox Sake)

Wed 29 Sep
Report written by Euclides Montes

8 intrepid Goodgymmers were grateful for a break in the wet weather spell we're having as they visited Tottenham Green for a chilly evening of fun and shenanigans.

Tottenham HotSpuds

It was clear skies and a chilly breeze for our Goddgymmers as we completed a 4k-ish run to the task.

Laura, from Friends of Tottenham Green, had left some litter picking paraphernalia ready for us so upon arrival, we litter picked to our heart's content. Most notable incidents at this stage were the skulk of foxes playing the Green, and the massive random potato that Becca found - you've never seen anyone happier to find a "pointy potato" in your life. Who am I to judge?

Laura then arrived within ten minutes and set us to work on clearing the pathways around the Church's grounds.

There was some sweeping, some weeding, some cutting, some amateur barbershop antics, and some seed collecting - a veritable hive of activity. We left the Green looking lush for the resident fox family.

Then, just after 8pm as Nurjehan helpfully - forcefully, even - pointed out, we stopped and gathered all tools. We then proceeded to have cake and sticky rainbow laces to celebrate our wonderful Kapil and Sam who, like good wine, have gained another year of sweet maturity.

We then said our goodbyes and set off into the night. Fun times.

Join Femi at the Haringey Foodbank this Saturday! And tune in for more fun and games, next week...

No beards were harmed in the making of this report

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