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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brighton
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Tuesday 16th August 2022

Report written by Michael Pirrie

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Yes the heat has final broken and we were given some much needed rain just in time for our latest gardening task. Six of us walk, ran and cycled our way to the residents home to undertake some much needed weeding.

Those of us who ran were cheered on at the start by an enthusiastic Goodgym supporter but then had to tackle the never ending hill. We even through in some hill sprints for added punishment. After making it to the summit we were greeted by a resident's delighted dog who made all the effort getting there worth it. Despite being determined to join us on the task it was relegated to watching on from the sidelines. Instead we were joined by a curious cat who had an unhealthy obsession with our bin bags!

With the assistance of our 'helpers' everyone got stuck into weeding the planting bed on the street. What looked like a straightforward task proved tricky with a lot of stubborn thorny plants intertwined with the small bushes. None the less our persistence paid off and we were able to clear the whole bed. After this we moved on to the steep snailed filled planted bank, using all our calf strength we clung to the hill and set to work clearing the other bed. This bed was in more need of clearing and the difference was great to see!

Once everything was cleared we took our multiple bags of weeds through to the bins, with Carla managing to save a couple of snails from the rubbish tip. We then split off in different directions with the last three of us making our way back to the Level and off onto home for a much needed rest.

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