The final pack down

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Portsmouth
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Thursday 5th October 2023

Report written by Katie London

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6 Goodgymers didn't just pack down the foodbank today we packed it down, packed it up and shipped it off down the road. Under Richard's quiet leadership crates were organised, shelves unloaded and the entire foodbank lock stock and all smoking bean cans were put in the van, and a few cars, and taken to a new church. Whilst there was a sadness to our empty stockroom and we worried it would never ever be the same. We are happy to travel under the bridge to the pure shores of a new venue where Goodgym will still support Foodback and spread the message that we know where its at - All Saints Church (because the 90s are cool again). We will be there next week where cropped tops and cargo pants with added belts will be optional.

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