Putting the energy in 'Energy Garden'

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Redbridge
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Monday 23rd May 2022

Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

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The Energy Garden team asked if we could lend a hand checking up on the planters on the South Woodford tube platform.

So this evening the gang welcomed the lovely Pauline for her first group run and made our way from our little base down to the station, where Sharon was waiting with cuttings to add to the planters.

James joined Pauline & Sharon in looking after the planters and finding space for the new cuttings, while Linda was filling watering cans which got expertly emptied by Jenny and her two charming assistants.

Many hands make light work, let alone when there is Goodgym energy involved, so soon enough all the planters were watered and all the cuttings planted - time to make our way back to base after a job well done!

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Energy Garden UK
"A sustainable future includes us having our urban and natural spaces living in harmony together."

Over the last two years, the Energy Garden team has supported communities across London to transform 30 London Overground platforms and stations into thriving gardens and food growing plots. Solar energy provides on-site renewable energy for lighting, water pumps or other small scale station amenities. Energy Garden will be installing 10 more gardens over the next 12 months. www.EnergyGarden.org.uk

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