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Ho Ho Ho It's Time to Party!
🗓Monday 11th December 7:45pm

📍Luppolo Restaurant E11 2RJ


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James C
James C (he/him) went on a group run

Mon 20th Nov at 6:30pm

Mild evening with a mild task and jog

Redbridge Report written by Redbridge runner

James and Julia met at the station, the two motivated goodgymmers to get out on Monday evening! We started off with an easy task of weeding the planters and clearing them up from litter - things are not looking too bad as cleaners must be helping. Whilst we were there one bad individual left a ciggie in there! We noticed that cigarette bins have been removed which will not help matters. Ah well! We then topped up the planters with fresh compost to get everything ready for flower planting next time. Surprising the planters are looking really good without too much care and there are still begonia flowers in bloom!

As it was only two of us and no walkers, we went for a very easy jog and talk - running around Fairlop Waters was delightful, only birds around and with our strong bike lights it was easy to see where we were going in the dark. It was great to put a proper run in!

We forgot to take a photo but James remembered on his run back home and took a selfie!

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Harvey Gallagher

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Linda Sharman

Tue 21st Nov at 10:32am

They’ve taken away the ashtrays 😳we will never stem the tide of butts now 🤬

James C
James C (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 20th Nov at 6:30pm

Weekly Group session - meeting at Hainault Station

Will help you stay active and help local community

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James C
James C (he/him) went on a group run

Mon 13th Nov at 6:30pm

Mucking in

Redbridge Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

Management of Wanstead Community House asked if we'd be so kind as to spend some time and energy sorting out the mushy layer of leaves & tree bits & mud covering the car park, making it slippery underfoot.

So armed with brooms & shovels we set to work, removing a bin load of muck from in between the parked cars.

Gym & good parts done, the crew split in a walking group and a running one, with a promise to meet back at the same time.... which surprisingly happened!

Thanks for mucking in team!

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Harvey GallagherPeter Van Tongeren
James C
James C (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 13th Nov at 6:30pm