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Library of Things is in Barking - Helps us to spread the word.

📍Learning Centre, 2 Town Square, Barking IG11 7NB

This will help people to know about our services and help them save money and reduce waste by renting instead of buying.

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James C
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Wed 21st Feb at 7:00pm

Library of Things is in Barking - Helps us to spread the word.

This will help people to know about our services and help them save money and reduce waste by renting instead of buying.

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James C
James C (he/him) went on a community mission

Sat 17th Feb at 9:00am

Cereals and Soaps

Redbridge Report written by Linda Sharman

Once we got past the Task Owners little glitch in printing off the forms todays Food Bank session got off to a good start.

A huge welcome to Sam for completing her first session with us and what a great job she did too, hope to see you again soon.

Our quiet start was soon livened up by a group of 14 from a different volunteer group who wanted to help pick and pack as well as provide additional little snack packs to give to the children. With space always at a premium the term organised chaos comes to mind.

Once the visitors had done their bit normal service resumed with us helping the drivers and restocking. This is where we found a handful of out of date cereal boxes which were given out to willing recipients and an exploded liquid detergent bottle which took a bit of cleaning up.

As always we were pretty pleased with a job well done.

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James C
James C (he/him) went on a community mission

Fri 16th Feb at 5:00pm

Cherry Picking and Packing

Redbridge Report written by Linda Sharman

James and Linda arrived at Frenford Food Bank first so did some prep and put away the last of the previous supermarket delivery.

AJ, Tina and Herbert soon arrived and got stuck in to the packing straight away. As the lists and cages have been sorted numerically it became apparent that AJ was working out of sequence, turns out she has always cherry picked the single person parcels as they are the lightest...busted 😂 well to be fair as she said herself she is only little.

We were soon done so moved on to loading up the drivers and sorting out another supermarket delivery.

Finally getting a quiet moment we had a chat with Task Owner Irfan about our complaints - I mean opportunities for improvements- in the ordering processes and packing forms. He seemed to take our suggestions on board well although he did then tell us it was time to go home 😂 At this point Hamad turned up, well we do say timings are loose and anytime you can give is appreciated 😁 a donation of groceries had just come in and we thought putting that away was a good opportunity for someone new to the foodbank to find their way round the shelves so we left him to it. Sorry Hamad, we were pretty shattered by then, we will show you the ropes properly next time.

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Harvey Gallagher
James C
James C (he/him) went to a social

Mon 5th Feb at 8:00pm

Catching up in the new year

Redbridge Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

James (new GGR social secretary??) suggested a post Xmas / new year catch up, so after the evenings group run off we went to the local pub for a drink and nibble and chat - Jenny made it down and Ramon came from distance to join in as well.

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Harvey GallagherPeter Van TongerenElizabeth
James C
James C (he/him) went on a group run

Mon 5th Feb at 6:30pm

Litterally a lovely evening

Redbridge Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

It was almost a spring time evening when a lovely mix of Goodgymmers assembled at the Wanstead base.

Both Hamad as Sam came down for their first ever Goodgym experience, a staple of the GG arsenal, a litter pick.

Helen spotted a good target on her way in, so it was decided that the walkers, under watchful eye of Linda, would tackle that one, while the runners would go down the usual pathways along the A12.

The jog down to the paths gave us the chance to get to know Hamad & Sam before getting stuck into the litter pick. As usual, there was enough to find along the path, especially near the Green Man Roundabout. There Sam's local knowledge came to the fore, knowing about a dead fox nearby - now logged again with the council to sort out.

Bags dropped at what is now the usual council bin, off we set on a run around the Leyton Flats, at a lovely pace set by an energetic Sam.

Back at base, people went their own way, happy with a nice evening well spent!

The next couple of group runs are a little up in the air, with a potential Babybank visit on the 19th but perhaps a leaflet drop that week instead - tasks will be updated / logged as soon as we know.

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