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Bi-weekly Wanstead group session - Baby Bank!
🗓Monday 22nd July 6:30pm

📍Wanstead House Community Association E11 2NT

Will give you that little spring in your step;)

Peter Van TongerenJames CSana
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James C
James C (he/him) went on a group run

Mon 15th Jul at 6:30pm

Sometimes you've got to take steps...

Redbridge Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

Title credit goes to Linda when she saw some pics on the WhatsApp chat.

The Wanstead Community Gardeners put out a call for assistance with tackling a rose bush/tree growing through and over another tree. Sounds relatively straightforward, but as usual not quite that simple... We started with picking up some tools, with a ladder being delivered as well. The tricky part turned out to find a safe stable base for the ladder to be able to reach up and 'attack' the inch thick branches overhead.

We managed a fair amount, filling up most of a large builders bag with chopped up branches before admitting defeat and tidy up.

Final verdict: this might be a job for the experts!

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Harvey Gallagher
James C
James C (he/him) went on a community mission

Thu 11th Jul at 5:00pm

A Game Of Two Halves

Redbridge Report written by Linda Sharman

First Half - With England in the final it seemed a football reference in the title was appropriate. There was no time to discuss the match as for the first little while there was just the two of us, AJ and Linda, picking and packing at Frenford Foodbank. Whilst we know others will join us as they finish work there is always a niggling "what if it ends up just the two of us" thought as we move about in the eerie quiet of a usually bustling sports centre.

Half Time - A client turned up a little early and their parcel wasn't ready so we scurried about putting that together just as our new member Mira arrived. I hope he realised how welcomed he was as we invited him to throw his stuff on the floor and get stuck in with our rush job. Happy to say there was a little time for the niceties, introductions and brief training later. Mira soon had the hang of it and made a very useful contribution to the session sending a massive welcome to the group Mira.

2nd Half - Herman and Tina arrived straight from work and got started, Herman pointed out that there was a message from James asking if we still needed help so a speedy "get your bum over here" reply was sent. We ended up with 6 Goodgymmers and some Frenford staff, commandeered from their usual jobs by the task owner, so everything got done in good time and there was also a little time at the end of session to do a little shelf filling and the obligatory photo session - AJ had left due to family obligations before then so I have used a cute one from a previous session 😊

Game Over We Won 🥳🥳

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Peter Van TongerenHarvey Gallagher
James C
James C (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 19th Aug at 6:30pm

Peter Van Tongeren
James C
James C (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 5th Aug at 6:30pm

Peter Van Tongeren
James C
James C (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 15th Jul at 6:30pm

James C
James C (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Mon 22nd Jul at 6:30pm

Bi-weekly Wanstead group session - Baby Bank!

Will give you that little spring in your step;)

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