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Jenny McCurry went on a group run
Group run

Putting the energy in 'Energy Garden'

Mon 23 May
Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

The Energy Garden team asked if we could lend a hand checking up on the planters on the South Woodford tube platform.

So this evening the gang welcomed the lovely Pauline for her first group run and made our way from our little base down to the station, where Sharon was waiting with cuttings to add to the planters.

James joined Pauline & Sharon in looking after the planters and finding space for the new cuttings, while Linda was filling watering cans which got expertly emptied by Jenny and her two charming assistants.

Many hands make light work, let alone when there is Goodgym energy involved, so soon enough all the planters were watered and all the cuttings planted - time to make our way back to base after a job well done!

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Jenny McCurry went on a party

100 !!!

Sat 21 May
Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

Just to clarify a point that was mentioned early on today - this wasn't a celebration of two GGers becoming 100 each, but more like together -> 60 + 40 = 100!

Now that is clarified, the adventures at this afternoon.

The gang gathered at Fairlop Waters for a little picnic to celebrate Julia's & Linda's birthdays, which added up to 100 together as mentioned. The weather cooperated and the former golf course provided more than enough space for our gathering... and leave room for some wedding pictures being taken as well (no, not GG related, we think)

Besides everyone bringing some snacks & drinks, Ed brought along some games to play as well.

Badminton with oversized equipment didn't last that long, not in the least when the conversation turned to comparing (shuttle)cock sizes

However Rounders was a bigger success.... some stars in the making it seems!

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, so we said our goodbyes, leaving just some flattened grass as evidence of our presence.

P.S.... anyone know of a fellow Goodgymmer reaching the 40 milestone around November? Asking for a friend... P.S.S... thanks to Kathryn for the great mugs

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Jenny McCurry completed a training run • Cssc 10km
Wed 18 May
Jenny McCurry signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Preparing food packages for distribution at Mutual Aid foodbank

Sat 4 Jun 09:00 am
Frenford Clubs, The Jack carter centre, The Drive, Ilford, IG1 3PS
Helping those in need in Redbridge

The mutual aid food bank is in need of some helping hands to help prepare and pack food packages for the residents in need.

Any help is appreciated!

As always, you're encouraged to walk/run/cycle to the mission and back, if that's available to you

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Jenny McCurry signed up to a party

Linda and Julia are turning 100 YEARS OLD (together) - come and celebrate with a picnic and some games!

Sat 21 May 14:00 pm
Fairlop Waters, Forest Road, Barkingside, IG6 3HN

That's right, J&L are 100 in May and they couldn't just ignore it without celebrating it with the lovely company of fellow goodgymmers - everyone is welcome, we hope to see folks from other boroughs!

The plans are rather loose but we are hoping for good weather so that we can enjoy the nature of Fairlop Waters and play some summery games like rounders, frisbee and anything else that comes to mind!

If the weather is bad we can hide away in the lovely Boathouse that has a cafe and a restaurant.

Let us know if you can come along - will be great to celebrate gettting more mature with you!:)

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Jenny McCurry completed a training run • Very hot 5km
Sat 14 May
Jenny McCurry completed a training run • Sunny Sunday run
Sun 8 May
Jenny McCurry completed a training run • Run
Mon 2 May
Jenny McCurry completed a training run • Borscht handover run
Mon 2 May
Jenny McCurry went on a community mission
Community mission

Terrific trolley filling effort at the foodbank

Sat 23 Apr
Report written by Jenny McCurry

Another busy day at Frenford, it was great to see Matt there for the first time. This week we were packing trolleys full of food before they headed out for delivery to local people.

Despite a slightly late start by Jenny and Kathryn (oops) we got all the parcels packed very quickly. The team worked hard and we quickly moved on to restocking the shelves and getting everything ready for the next shift. Well done everyone, see you next time!

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