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Ho Ho Ho It's Time to Party!
šŸ—“Monday 11th December 7:45pm

šŸ“Luppolo Restaurant E11 2RJ


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Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry went on a group run

Mon 27th Nov at 6:30pm

Linda Sharman

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Redbridge runner

Mon 27th Nov at 1:40pm

Will meet you at the task!

Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry signed up to a group run.

Mon 27th Nov at 6:30pm

Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry signed up to a party.

Mon 11th Dec at 7:45pm

Linda Sharman
Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry went on a community mission

Sat 23rd Sep at 9:00am

Moods and Foods

Redbridge Report written by Linda Sharman

First of all a huge welcome to Fatima who is new to Redbridge and was previously a part of Tower Hamlets group. šŸ˜

Linda arrived at Frenford Food Bank to find James showing Fatima the ropes and 2nd timer Ben already packing like a pro. Our Jenny was next to arrive and got stuck in straight away. It was a busy session as a lot of the Food Banks regular teenage helpers were not available this week šŸ™

Some of us were sad as one of our regular Park Run Marshalls had passed away recently, one of the Frenford helpers was grumpy with the young Frenford gym members getting under his feet and another was very down having just had a bad experience in a recent exam. Fortunately the busyness of the task, the banter between us and offers of hugs and support pulled us all through. Even when two packages mysteriously disappeared, everyone rallied round to correct the situation. Turns out the packages had gone for a ride with one of the drivers, who is a lovely lady over 80 years old so she was very much forgiven.

Once again the blending of different volunteer teams and hard work won through. Well done to all involved šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»

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Linda Sharman

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Redbridge runner

Sat 23rd Sep at 6:31pm

Sounds like an eventful session but lots of great support! Lovely pics ā¤ļø