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PARKRUN TAKEOVER - Volunteer at Valentine's Park parkrun
🗓Saturday 8th July 8:45am

📍Valentine's park IG1 4TG

Supporting NHS 75th Anniversary Fund Raiser

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Jenny McCurry
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Sat 8th Jul at 8:45am

Peter Van Tongeren
Linda SharmanEdward Sharman
Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry went on a community mission

Sat 6th May at 8:45am

Cheerful Cheering and Colin the Coronation Caterpillar

Redbridge Report written by Redbridge runner

A brilliant morning of cheering at the parkrun, fitness activities and a social in the cafe!

Parkrun Volunteering: We had a big group of 8 show up on this somewhat overcast but mild Saturday morning to provide some good cheer and volunteering in the Valentine's parkrun. We got there early, with 5 folks cycling from across the borough for some pre-parkrun volunteering. Once the briefings were done we walked over to our respective places. It was lovely for the parkrun run director Dennis to give us a shout out at the start! It's always such a great time volunteering - lots of cheering, lots of support and just a great achievement by all to start the weekend!

Video-stars in the making! A huge shoutout to everyone participating in the training videos for my qualifications! I've just watched the filming and our camera-heros LInda and Peter did an amazing job! I even managed to get the timings right! James, Anit, Linda, Jenny and Kathryn did excellently going through my warm ups and running exercises - thank you!!!!

Cafe and Cake Thankfully we found an empty table and got ourselves some cup of teas and brekkie food and also shared the Colin the Coronation Caterpillar cake - a tradition from the 1st GoodGym birthday that just keeps on going! There were some cake decapitations happening but it was in no way reflective of the feelings towards the monarchy!!!! Anit brought in delicious indian snacks as well with a nice chilli kick! As usual range of topics were covered but it was just lovely to sit down and have a mini-social together.

Birthday blunders We had a couple of birthdays this week - Linda and Kathryn celebrated it! Whilst Kathryn had to rush off, we toasted the cake and also realised that the actual birthday was not today but yesterday!!!!! oopsy daisy and hope Kathryn forgives us!

Amazing morning out and let's do it again soon! In fact, I'll setup another 'parkrun takeover' in three months for some social fun, in the meantime see everyone next week to run/volunteer again:)

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Linda Sharman
Peter Van Tongeren
Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry went on a community mission

Sat 29th Apr at 9:00am

Food everywhere, but gaps on the shelves !

Redbridge Report written by Mike Clare

We started a bit later because we were waiting for the food bank manager to arrive and sort the orders for the day. Again, the centre was busy and we stacked the orders onto trolleys in the foyer ready for the drivers to collect and deliver. Some items are always asked for and the rice and chopped tomatoes soon dwindled to a few tins left on the shelf. But soon we had donation deliveries from a supermarket and the scouts and the shelves looked restocked once more. We all headed off to enjoy the long bank holiday weekend !!

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Linda Sharman
Peter Van TongerenEdward Sharman
Jenny McCurry
Jenny McCurry signed up to a community mission.

Sat 29th Apr at 9:00am

Edward SharmanLinda Sharman