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3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Luton
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Tuesday 19th March

Report written by Martin R

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Tonight at Foodcycle, the surplus food from the 2 local supermarkets was not a large amount. Lots of breads and cake as well as quite a few packets of mange tout (Rodney) and some cauliflower and broccoli. As ever the kitchen team put there heads together and came up with a fantastic menu, utilising some saved stock from previous weeks, some store cupboard favourites and the days offering from the shops. For starter there was a delicious vegetable soup 🍲😋 with warmed bread 🍞. Main course was a Mac n cheese 🧀 mixed and baked with cauliflower and broccoli 🥦 with a melted chees topping. Dessert was a wacky concoction using hot cross buns, cherry 🍒 kefir yoghurt and a custard mixture, served with a slice of cake. There were 60 guests in total this evening, which i'm told is a record, 56 seated and 4 take away. The kitchen team and the hosting team all chipped in and worked together to make this a really successful evening. Well done team

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FoodCycle use food that would otherwise go to waste and put on a free social dinner for anyone who wants to come along, whether hungry or lonely, they welcome everyone to come for dinner and meet other people

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Dani C

Wed 20th Mar at 9:23am

Great title, and I can't believe how many guests you had!!! Well done team :)

Gill (She/her)

Wed 20th Mar at 1:45pm

Wow, that sounds epic. Love the title too!