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15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 12th June 2023

Report written by Laura Williams

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With the earlier showers a distant memory it was a good-sized group who headed out to sunny Bethnal Green this evening.

The fitness

Chris had organised a great pre-task run, so a small group met at 6 to head off to London Fields to top up this week's training.

At 6:40, our pre-task workout commenced. (This consisted of a lot of balance moves in the middle of Middleton Green, an activity the group did fantastically well with).

The task

At 7, we headed around the corner to meet Margaret on Ellsworth Street (Margaret is from Teesdale and Hollybush Tenants and Residents Association).

Ellsworth Street is home to some pretty borders and planters in front of the houses but the weeds have got a little tall. Our job tonight was to remove the weeds, take them to the compost bays in Rocky Park and retain the poppy heads. (Weeding plants of this size and abundance on a regular basis is important, as they compete with other plants for light and nutrients).

The GoodGymers worked speedily, and it wasn't long before we had a few fantastic before and after pics. Taking it in turns to wheel weeds and tackle the borders, it was a job efficiently and speedily completed.

Breaking only for an ice pop rest, we finished the job with a thorough sweep of the pavement.

After posing for one final picture, courtesy of Margaret, we proceeded to head our separate ways: some home, some to the pub - and some to the park for a little more running!

It was a fun and useful night, and a thoroughly good way to start the week.

Well done everyone.

The shout-outs

Big shout-outs tonight to:

  • Nick, who joined us for his first GoodGym! Well done for a great evening's gardening, Nick - hope to see you again soon!

  • Chris, who led the pre-task run.

  • Margaret, who led our task brilliantly, and who took some fantastic photos.

  • ...And to our Rohan, who tonight celebrated his 100th good deed. Well done Rohan, thanks for being such a big part of GoodGym Tower Hamlets.

Next week we return to the Cranbrook Community Food Garden for a big gardening catch-up.

Until then.

Session Leader
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Hollybush Estate
Hollybush's ‘Rocky’ Gardens and ‘Strawberry Fields’ orchard are now an established nature reserve with 79 growing spaces

The Hollybush and Teesdale Estate Urban Growers project began in April 2009 in Rocky Park – a disused children’s play area. Now enjoyed by the whole community, the area includes seats and communal herb beds for all to use.

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Ivo (he/him)

Tue 13th Jun 2023 at 12:20pm

Great to see you again NIck!