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Rohan went on a group run

Mon 5th Dec at 6:30pm

Sree's the day

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

We met at the glorious Town Hall Hotel this evening, sinking rather too easily into comfy sofas we waited for fellow members to arrive.

A short winter workout

At just after 6:45, we headed out to the steps for a short warm-up before making our way to Bethnal Green Gardens. After locating a good meeting spot, we participated in a short fitness session, taking in a couple of small laps of the park, at various different speeds. We then ran through our single leg squat technique before heading off to meet our task owners, Avril and Nathalia.

After a short intro to get us all a little familiar with this new group that has just been created for Bethnal Green Gardens, we headed to the areas of the park where we were planting tonight’s bulbs.

Providing colour and cheer to any green space, some spring bulbs are also a nectar source for pollinators (plants depend on pollination…). And they can be pretty low maintenance too: the lowly daffodil doesn’t need full sunlight, and will return in subsequent years, even in partial shade.

And so to work

And so we assembled into four teams: three digging holes for bulbs, and one digging up – and relocating – rose bushes.

It was tough, chilly work but as usual the team blitzed it.

Rotating swiftly from digging, to scattering bulbs, and covering them over, it was a multi-task-task.

As the final hole was covered over, and the last head torch switched off, we reflected it was an evening well spent.

We posed for one final picture, where our Sree​ took centre stage as we celebrated her 100th good deed at tonight’s task. Well done Sree, and thanks for all you bring to GoodGym Tower Hamlets.

We then headed our separate ways: some to the pub; others back to the hotel, and some straight home. A great night indeed.


Loads of shout-outs tonight!

  • To Rosie, and Sam, who headed up the run to the park.

  • A big cheer for Emma, who oversaw the hole-digging; helped get it started, and allocated members to different locations.

  • ...And to Sree for tonight’s brilliant pun.

  • ...And to Alex, for organising Sree's 100th deed celebrations.

Next week, we return to The Royal London Hospital to join Nancy and the Barts Volunteers for some seasonal activity.

Until then.

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John Shirley

Tue 6th Dec at 9:57am

Did the group picture at the end come out?

Laura Williams

Tue 6th Dec at 9:15pm

All sorted! Thanks John!

Rohan signed up to a group run.

Mon 5th Dec at 6:30pm

Rohan went on a community mission

Mon 28th Nov at 7:00pm

Easy come, easy grow

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

At 4pm the heavens opened. Who'd have thought it.

But still 7 GoodGymers braved the rain at 7pm, to help Ken and Terry plant hundreds of flower bulbs in time for next Spring.

How come we were here?

Forming part of a green corridor project for this specific part of East London, successful funding on behalf of the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park meant that we were able to join the team tonight in getting these bulbs bedded in for Spring.

A great way of boosting the landscape and injecting some fabulous colour into this well used park, bulb-planting also enabled us to get a decent upper and lower body workout in the process.

Working along the border of the Devons Road stretch of the park, we worked companionably getting tulip, daffodil and snowdrop bulbs into the wet ground (yes, rain, I guess you do have some benefits).

Pausing only to refill buckets and switch spots, we worked constantly for over 80 minutes.

At just after 8:15, we posed for that all-important final pic, said goodnight to Ken and Terry, and headed home to dry out and enjoy a well-deserved dinner.

Well done everyone - another rainy, satisfying Monday night.

Until next time.

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Rohan signed up to a community mission.

Mon 28th Nov at 7:00pm

THE BIG MONDAY NIGHT TASK: Planting bulbs with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park team, in Bromley-By-Bow

Come and join Ken and Terry of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, as we plant a lot of bulbs!

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