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9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brent
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Monday 16th October 2023

Report written by Tabitha Skinner

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Five Goodymers met at Willesden Green, and warmed up, as it was very much needed on a freezing Monday Night.

We jogged through Gladstone park, taking the scenic route among the brambles and bushes. We made it to Gladstone Park allotments where we met Carol, Garet, Dani and Marie, who are keen members of NW2 Residents association and want to help clear up the allotments for the local residents. Christine, Kat and Danny had got to work already, they were filling wheelbarrows with woodchip to create a path through the allotments. Lee soon arrived to help also, and as the wheelbarrows were in use, had to pick a bucket or two, and fill it with woodchip to make the paths.

The rest of the group grabbed some tools, and weeded an area where a path once was. After digging and weeding, the path was revealed, ready to be spread with more woodchip. In no time at all the path was cleared and relayed.

We regrouped for a photo, and then Carol shared juice and pannetone with us all.

The team were so pleased with the incredible job we all did at the community allotment. They had hoped for just one path, but we managed two thanks for all the hard work of the team!

They would love to have us back again to help with the weeding, ideally in the daylight, we we have created a commuity mission on the 4th November.

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Christine Mentz
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Lee Worth
Tabitha Skinner
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