Nothing Paranormal, but Perfect Pumpkin Pie With Panache for Hallowe'en

2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Luton
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Tuesday 31st October 2023

Report written by Gill (She/her)

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Two of our regular FoodCyclers were on duty again this evening at High Town Baptist Church.

Although it was Hallowe'en the only scary thing about the evening was that there was no food surplus at all provided by the regular supermarkets. Fortunately Gill had prepared in advance to be on the cooking team. Knowing that there were some pumpkins left in the store cupboard from last week she had arranged that she would make pastry and blind bake pastry cases at home, and bring them to the church with one or two ingredients ready to work some magic to turn the largest of them into perfectly palatable plentiful pumpkin pies.

Assine arrived with the other hosts and set up the hall ready for the guests. He was slightly perplexed and a little pessimistic that the peculiarly plasticy looking pumpkin would perform pleasingly with pastry in a pudding. But when the time came for dessert he proffered the slices of pie with panache to the guests who polished them off promptly with praise.

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