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13 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 31st July 2023

Report written by Laura Williams

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The workout...

Busy Ravenscroft Park was a delight in which to start tonight’s session, with a little pre-task workout.

No fewer than 6 runners gathered around the largest planter in the park to whizz through the obligatory dips, incline push ups, several different types of seated leg lower, and some new squat techniques.

The task...

After being met by task owners Ed and Liz, we all wandered over to Sivill House, to greet the rest of the group and get the lowdown on tonight’s task.

What were we here to do?

Spread woodchip!

Yes, thanks to a large donation of woodchip, the productive, committed Columbia TRA were keen to have some additional pairs of hands join their team (Ed, Ed and Liz this evening) tonight to help distribute this around the estate’s many young fruit trees.

(Used in this way, woodchip can help to maintain the moisture of the soil and reduce the volume of weeds).

Ed wasted no time in briefing the group as to how best to tackle the vast task of getting tonnes of woodchip to some of the furthest points on the estate. This included an informative short tour so we knew where we were headed.

And so to work we went, with one crew ready to distribute around one of the gardens to the back of the estate (already a fruit paradise with some very decent raspberries); another shovelling barrow after barrow of woodchip, and a third wheeling to designated fruit tree-hotspots.

With the main areas completed, Ed took one team off to another totally new area to finish the job for the night, a spot towards the Columbia Road, front of the estate.

By the time we’d finished packing away the last wheelbarrow and woodchip bag, it was after 8, so we said our cheerios, and headed home.

A brilliant evening of very physical activity – well done everyone (and big shout-out to Sree for tonight’s fun pun).

Next week, we return to the Cranbrook Community Garden to help Janet finish the The Big Gardening Job, complete with pre-task workout.

Until then.

Session Leader
This task supported
Columbia Tenants and Residents Association
Community gardening in estates neighbouring Columbia Road, East London

‘Columbia TRA work to provide ways for more residents to grow on our estates; to improve environmental awareness and sustainability; to get outdoors and make new friends in our community.’ ‘With so many of us not having a garden of our own, getting in touch with nature is more precious than ever. We want to make Columbia Road bloom seven days a week, not just on Sundays!’

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