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16 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 4th December 2023

Report written by Leanne (she/her)

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Despite the rain this evening, a super sixteen GG Yorkies put on their running kit and left their houses to clear leaves at Clarence Gardens.

We warmed up by practising some important leaf clearing techniques, including the leaf pick-up squat, compost-turning lunges and the all important leaf-catching leaps. Then it was off to Clarence Gardens. Most of the group took a short detour to see the Christmas lights around the Minster, while Vicky, as backmarker took the executive decision to head straight there - meaning everyone arrived at almost the same time!

Taskowner, Iain set a small group the task of turning the compost bins to make room for a fresh batch of leaves, while the rest of the group divided into rakers, picker-uppers and bag draggers.

Paul Kelly came up with an excellent suggestion for finding leaves:

We should try under the trees

Which led to a big haul with many tonne bags filled, dragged and emptied.

Mission accomplished, we assembled for a game of alphabet fitness (during which Dom noticed that "the alphabet is really long" ) before heading back to base.

Incidentally, "E is for Energetic cheering" seemed to be the most popular exercise - which will probably come in very handy if you're thinking of Marshalling at Chase the Pud this Sunday. 📣👏😁

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