Helping our Friends of the Earth!

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Wednesday 15th November 2023

Report written by Jonny Carter

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Tonight's task was to help out at the lovely charity The Friends of the Earth.

The runners were Jonny, James and Rachel, with the walkers Miriam, Amy and Sofeen joining us at the task.

We were welcomed by a nice sign on the door before Karen gave us our tasks to do. It was a nice mix, with Jonny doing some vacuuming, Miriam and Amy painting and then James, Rachel and Sofeen did the outdoors stuff, which was sweeping, tidying and litter picking.

We spent a good half an hour or so and got plenty done, Miriam taking plenty of pictures.

Once done the walkers headed off and the runners ran the 2k back to 1000 Trades, making it a nice 4k run in total :)

Session Leader
This task supported
Rachel Clarke
James Morris
Jonny Carter
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A litter pick around the Jewellery Quarter for Birmingham Council
🗓Today 6:45pm

The Jewellery Quarter is where many people live so keeping it tidy helps their well-being

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