GG Brighton don't take no crêpe off of nobody 🥞

12 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brighton
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Tuesday 13th February

Report written by Philippa (She/her)

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Brighton and Hove? More like Brighton and SHROVE, am I right?!

A group of courageous GoodGymers braved the wind and rain to come out for a Pancake Day training session. We jogged, sprinted, side stepped, skipped, and hopscotch-ed our way along the seafront, admiring the mighty waves pummelling the beach. Then we took shelter at Brighton Bandstand, where we did a slightly chaotic, pancake themed HIIT session that challenged both body and mind!

Finally, after a communal stretching session, it was off to the pub for some tasty vegan pancakes and a bit of a social 🥞 Thanks everyone for a lovely evening 💕

Session Leader
Rosie Baker
Nicola Thomas
Jane Dallaway
Sarah Katharine
Carla Washbourne
Angela Mynott
Michael Pirrie
Juliet O'Brien
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Spring in the Patch community festival
🗓Saturday 10:00am

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Nicola ThomasOlivia PowellSarah KatharinePippa AAngela Mynott
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Judy Knapp

Wed 14th Feb at 1:53am

Great photos!