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13 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Wednesday 5th July 2023

Report written by Ed Field (he/him)

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Birmingham Friends of the Earth have been located at their warehouse in Digbeth since 1977. It's an amazing space with a bookshop, cafe, meeting rooms and the hub for loads of community action on nature, the environment and climate change.

There were a few jobs which needed doing so in stepped GoodGym. On the list was:

  • Window cleaning, inside and out
  • Removing a wonky and dangerous handrail
  • Litter picking around the entrance and side streets
  • Cleaning and sweeping the entrance
  • Fixing some broken chairs
  • Weeding the planters

Ivo, Anna and Ed grabbed the buckets and squeegees for the outside windows, Theresa and Nada were on indoor window duty, Dave G and Becky handled the chairs, while Chalomi, Kim, Dave M, Michelle and Mark set to work on sprucing up the outside. There was talk of the merits of washing up liquid vs vinegar vs newspaper for the best window cleaning tactic, and we found what might possibly be the world's smallest strawberries.

It didn't take long before all the jobs were complete and the building looked spick and span ready to welcome more people who want to support Mother Earth.

Session Leader
Area activator
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Jack Da Silva
Kim Hopkinson
Chalomi King
Theresa Joseph
Ed Field
Mark Gilyead
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Ivo (he/him)

Thu 6th Jul 2023 at 8:19am

Well done Kim!