Fence-ational work by a-maze-ing people

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bristol
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Saturday 13th May 2023

Report written by Phill Stone

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It was pretty lush Saturday morning, as 7 volunteers descended upon the Malago Greenway Berry Maze to help Barney and Jackie with various tasks.

Alex did a top job in convincing his friend Ollie to come along, as they both smashed the fence driving and wiring task which was desperately needed. It's a tricky job, but legendary work chaps, hope to see more of you both soon!

Dave G, fresh from the northern slopes task, was on a mission to mow the entire maze, which is quite the feat! While the rest of us took to redefining the borders around the maze, Jason perched himself on a ledge to tackle the some tricky weeds, great effort despite his broken ankle, what a champ!

Speaking of champions, Alice did a bonus deed on her way home by delivering flyers for a Berry Maze event on June 3rd. (more to come on that - keep eyes on website!) Nice one Alice!

Thanks for coming along - Great to see everyone! PS - Thanks for joining me on my 200th deed! PPS - Sorry, no pics yet due to website issues - will upload them in the future!

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