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Danica PriestEmma R

Danica's dazzling deedery defies dissarayed dregs

Saturday 23rd March

Written by Phill Stone

We had a fantastic day down at the Berry Maze, mainly celebrating Danica's amazing achievement, 400 tasks with Goodgym! That's awesome dedication to the cause. Thank you!

This day was a bit different, as we had joined up with Jackie down at the Berry Maze to help with their Litter-pick/Easter egg hunt. To anyone outside of Goodgym and the local community, that sounds like a strange combination, but that's just the way we roll down here! A few neighbours, with their egg hunting kids, joined Jackie and the four of us as we scoured the areas around the berry maze looking for litter and other un-pleasantries.

How did Danica celebrate? By getting stuck right in the river, helping the locals pull out shopping trolleys, toys, and who knows what else finds it's way down there. Frances found an empty bottle of Rain Repellent, which would have been very handy during the 10 min down pour that happened halfway through.

As you can see from the photos, 90 mins of community action can get a lot done. Heaps of litter removed from our local rivers and green spaces, making it a much nicer place to be.

Thanks for coming along every one Incredible work all round!

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Nadia VaenerbergArronJason ThorneDavid Head

Hyacink we did well today

Saturday 9th March

Written by Phill Stone

We had a fantastic turn out at the berry maze this weekend, with 9 goodgymers rocking up to help Barney and Jackie at the berry maze. Only due to some last min issues arising, there was no Barney or Jackie! They left me some instructions and given how well we've been taking care of the place, they had faith we'd do okay without their weed identifying powers.

We had some lovely spurts of sunshine accompanied by some great goodgym chatter, and within one hour we managed to de-weed a good third of the maze. We also settled a debate I've been wondering about for a long time, as I had been mistaking bluebells for Hyacinth(don't ask), so thanks to David and his wonderful AI App skills for working that out!

Props to Emma who not only managed to mow the majority of the maze in one session, but did a great job of rescuing some bulbs that that started to grow in to the path. Nice one!

Also, we welcomed some new goodgymers to the berry maze, thanks for coming Nadia and Arron! Loved that you both got stuck in. Arron has also suggested that we named the unofficial berry maze mascot 'Horace the horse' whicjh I'm on-board with.

Cheers everyone! There's another berry maze session later this month, check it out here

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Alice WhaleEmma RJankaTim

Berry A-mazing

Saturday 10th February

Written by Alice Whale

This Saturday 5 awesome Goodgymers headed to the Berry Maze for some post bashing, moving and weeding to get the maze ship shape and ready for the berry plants to have an excellent season in 2024. The sun came out to greet us and we left the maze looking spic and span. Thanks everyone!

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Marianne BradshawDavid HeadArronAshleigh MacKenzieAlex Fyans

Raspberry Squats

Saturday 13th January

Written by Phill Stone

First berry maze trip of 2024 went without a hitch as 8 goodgymers came to help Barney with some easy work. We welcomed 2 newbies Ashleigh and Charlotte, who got well acquainted with the maze and the typical antics we get up to. This time we were tasked with chopping back the old berry stems so new vines could grow.

the weather wasn't much but we did have an appearance from the unofficial BM mascot, a gorgeous horse friend who has helped the maze before with some 'fertile produce'

Great session all, thanks for coming! Many more sessions here throughout the year.

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Phill StoneEmma R

Goodness Grape-cious us!

Saturday 9th December 2023

Written by Phill Stone

Fresh from our stint up at the Northern Slopes, Emma, Jen, and myself hoped on down to the Berry Maze where Barney was waiting with a fun task! We each had two grape vine seedlings(yes, grapes are berries, according to wikipedia) to plant, though the challenge was digging through the tough soil at the back of the maze. With a few swings of a mattock and some intensive digging, we suc-seeded getting the plants in, and moved on to tidying some borders.

Grape success! Thanks for coming everyone! Same time next month. ;)

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Julie MJason Thorne

Be a-mazed, be berry a-mazed

Saturday 11th November 2023

Written by Phill Stone

After our stint up at Nover's steps, the group came down to help Barney and Jackie at the berry maze. The weather was still holding up as we had a relaxing de-weeding session. It was Amy's first time at the berry maze, and I'm sure it was no coincidence that she wore headgear to suit the occasion. We spent the hour chatting, sorting out the posts, and flinging weeds into the abyss, whilst Emma got to do her favourite job of pushing the mower around. Great to see everyone out for the double deed day - keep your eyes on the site as there's another one coming up in December!

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