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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brent
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Monday 13th November 2023

Report written by Tabitha Skinner

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On Monday night, TRAID in Kilburn needed help with closing our their sale period. The task was to help pack up their remaining unsold stock, so it could be sent back to their depot, ready for a new arrival on clothes.

Goodgym team came to help, packing away the rails of clothes into huge boxes. We split around the store, Cherian, Lee, Beatrix , Danny and Kat tackled a large rail of clothes . Emily and Tabitha paired shoes before bagging them.

In no time at all, the job was done! Many hands made fast work!

We stopped for a team photo, then headed off. The TRAID team were really happy with the help and look forward to seeing red t shirts again at the end of the next sale

Session Leader
Run leader
Beatrix Waddell
Cherian Li
Lee Worth
Emily Oldfield
Tabitha Skinner
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Helping our local community with this important task

Tabitha Skinner
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Tue 14th Nov 2023 at 2:49pm

Thanks for the great report Tabitha! :)))