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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Luton
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Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Report written by David Mansfield

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A bunch of six GoodGymers met up for this week's group run, though with some injuries and just a short distance to cover we took it easy and there was a lot of walking on a lovely sunny evening after the rain.

We split our runners and the 500 flyers into two teams and pitted them against each other on a race around two blocks of houses, delivering flyers as we went.

Putting a flyer through fellow GoodGymer Gail's door guilted her into coming out and joining us on a lap of her block.

Both teams reunited in the end. The finish was too close to call so we settled on a tie and headed into People's Park for a quick upper body workout. We did some tricep dips, squats, press-ups and planks before heading to the pull-up bars for some hanging leg raises to finish off before heading back into town.

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FoodCycle use food that would otherwise go to waste and put on a free social dinner for anyone who wants to come along, whether hungry or lonely, they welcome everyone to come for dinner and meet other people

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Fri 4th Aug 2023 at 11:12pm

I'm very happy. Because it is a beautiful and wonderful experience.