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8 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newham
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Wednesday 15th March 2023

Report written by Brahma Pochee

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Some kind of tipping point occurred yesterday, as we shot up from two sign ups to a very respectable eight, in seemingly minutes. Folks certainly weren't coming out for the weather, no top-up tanning up for grabs, a dark sky spat out constant drizzle and the mercury was low...and there were tube strikes.

Hils, Kev and I ran over, we had doubled numbers on arrival as Gualti, Cat and Georgie joined us from the rear (no laughing at the back). Charlotte and Sarah joining us at Abbey Gardens for the full complement. We buzzed Alice and she gave us instructions; spread the massive pile of woodchip between the new beds. Simple, classic GoodGym graft - get a sweat on and make on a difference.

We alternated shovelling and barrowing, with three transporting the goods and the other five launching smoky wood vaguely near them. A random chap got stuck in, clearly a natural at shovelling in the dark - potentially a first for us at GGN. The pile was seen to before 8pm came along, which let's be honest doesn't always happen. So let's acknowledge that hustle.

I'm off for a couple weeks now peeps, but I look forward to catching up in BST - don't know about you, but I'm ready for Spring.

Sign up for next week here at Nomadic Gardens.

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