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10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brent
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Monday 19th October 2020

Report written by Tabitha Skinner

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Queens Park Community Council has produced new leaflets which they needed help to deliver, and ten Goodgymers answered the call. Lucie had kindly pre- packed boxes with leaflets for each street, so it was easy to divide up the task between us all. Each household received two leaflets, Queens Park Voice outlines the support available during the COVID pandemic, and highlighting all the work they have done so far. The second leaflet was a map of the local area, with a guided walk of local places of interest, and plenty of facts and trivia. We set out and delivered the leaflets, with enough time for us each to take a second street (and some even a third!) A patrolling police van checked up on us, but declined the suggestion of helping us out In just over an hour we managed to deliver over 1000 leaflets, and Lucie was so pleased with the help we gave QPCC. We posed for a team photo, and walked, ran or cycled home . Thank you everybody!!!

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QPCC is the first Community Council in London. We came into existence following the May elections in 2014 after local residents voted for the first London Community/Parish Council to be established. The Council has a unique opportunity to better serve and represent the 12,500 residents of Queen’s Park and we are doing so by focusing on community engagement. We are an apolitical council whose aims are to provide residents with a community they wish to see by improving educational opportunities; improving social and economic wellbeing and improving the appearance of the local area.

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Helping our local community with this important task

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